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About DSS and DIO

Defence Suppliers Service

The role of the Defence Suppliers Service

The Defence Suppliers Service (DSS), which is part of the Defence Equipment and Support (DE&S) Supplier Relations Team, is the MOD focal point for the provision of advice and guidance to companies interested in becoming defence suppliers. Its staff can explain how to become a UK defence supplier and some of the processes and procedures that the MOD uses to buy a wide variety of goods and services. The DSS advises companies of all sizes, from both the UK and overseas, and the vast majority of the 2000 or so enquiries it receives each year are from SMEs. These companies are able to provide a wide and diverse range of goods and services (for example, general engineering and hardware capabilities, consultancy and IT services, medical equipment and supplies, electrical items, furniture, clothing and training services, to name but a few).

How the DSS is able to help companies of all sizes, including SMEs

The DSS acts purely in an advisory capacity by:

Events attended by the DSS

DSS staff work closely with Trade Associations, local Chambers of Commerce, Business Links, Regional Development Agencies and the Defence Export Services Organisation (DESO) and attend various exhibitions, seminars and ‘Meet the Buyer’ events across the UK and occasionally overseas, where they are able to meet company representatives, most of whom are from SMEs, and provide advice and assistance to those wishing to become UK defence suppliers. DSS staff will also deliver ‘Selling to the MOD’ presentations to industry delegates at these events, where appropriate. Since 1997 DSS staff have attended over 370 such events and delivered more than 200 Selling to the MOD presentations.


Further information about the DSS and how to become a defence supplier can be obtained by contacting:

Defence Suppliers Service
Supplier Relations Team (SRT)
Abbey Wood South
Poplar Level 1
BS34 8JH

Tel: 030 679 32843
Fax: 0117 913 1911

About DIO

Defence Infrastructure Organisation

Who we are

The Defence Infrastructure Organisation (DIO) was formed on 1 April 2011 when the former Defence Estates (DE) organisation was brought together with other property and infrastructure functions being carried out within the other six MOD Top Level Budgets (TLBs) to form a single organisation.

We manage the MOD’s property infrastructure and ensure strategic management of the defence estate as a whole, optimising investment and, critically, supporting military capability to best effect. We have responsibility for most MOD expenditure on infrastructure management and delivery activities.

Our services

We provide a ‘one-stop shop’ infrastructure service to defence, managing the majority of the MOD’s technical infrastructure, accommodation, training estate and volunteer estate worldwide. Our services include hard and soft facilities management to support the maintenance of existing infrastructure, as well as services to enable the development of new infrastructure where it is needed.

We have teams delivering specific activities including estate management, projects, lands, catering, retail and leisure, cleaning, utility management, estate sustainability, Safety, Health, Environment and Fire (SHEF) for the estate, waste management and accommodation stores.

We also have staff working on supporting activities including infrastructure strategy, policy and planning, data and reporting, financial management and procurement.

How we are structured

The DIO is structured into three key areas; Corporate Services, Operations, and Strategic Asset-management and Programming.

The Strategic Asset-management and Programming Team (SAPT) is responsible for developing a Strategic Asset Management Plan. As part of that plan, the SAPT takes requirements from infrastructure users and prioritises them.

The Operations area manages the delivery of Hard FM, Soft FM, infrastructure projects, utility management and property management (disposals, leases, planning etc).

Corporate Services represents the DIO to the MOD, external organisations and other government departments. It supports the organisation with a range of services such as IT, communications, parliamentary business and FOI, performance reporting, security and business continuity.

Who we work with

Each MOD TLB has retained a small infrastructure team to define and coordinate the users’ infrastructure requirements. Their primary interface with the DIO is with the SAPT, which is responsible for addressing key issues such as prioritisation of investment. The user community is also represented at senior level on the Defence Infrastructure Board. But in practice, constructive day-to-day engagement between users and DIO staff at all levels is key to making the DIO a success.

The DIO also works with the Government Property Unit (GPU), which has representation on the Defence Infrastructure Board. The GPU was created to improve the efficiency of the government estate, working across departmental boundaries. The DIO works with a range of other partners, some of which are other government departments, on a variety of projects.

Where can I find out more?

If you are an external user please visit the DIO website:

Correspondence may be sent to:

DIO Headquarters
Kingston Road
West Midlands
B75 7RL

Professional Services

The following list of engineering disciplines (including design) is indicative of those required to fulfil Establishment Works Consultancy and Works Services Management duties on the UK MOD estate:

A. Electrical Engineering
High Voltage
Low Voltage
Heavy Engineering
Aviation Ground Lighting
Grading & Protection
Power Generation

B. Mechanical Engineering
Heating & Ventilation
Air Conditioning
Building Management Systems
Doors – Industrial
Fuel, Storage & Supplies
Alarms & Security
Building Services
Energy Conservation

C. Civil Engineering
Buildings – Construction & Maintenance
Airfields – Hangars & Pavements
Dams & Reservoirs & Bridges
Roads & Railways
Drains & Sewers
Hardened Structures
Geotechnical Engineering

D. Structural Engineering
Masts & Towers

E. Quantity Surveying
Contract Measurement & Evaluation
Project Management
Audit & Review
Financial Appraisals

F. Building Surveying
Property Surveying
Historical Buildings

G. Environmental Engineering
Public Health Engineering
Water Supply
Contamination & Pollution
Asbestos Removal
Environmental Management (including Environmental Impact Assessment)

H. Architecture
Landscape Architecture

For advice on the DIO, please contact:

DIO Headquarters
Kingston Road
West Midlands
B75 7RL

General Enquiries

Tel: 0121 311 2140