Assured Capability (AC) Industry Briefing Note: SKYNET Enduring Capability (SKEC)

The Authority is pleased to publish an Industry Briefing Note on Assured Capability (AC) for the SKYNET Enduring Capability (SKEC).  The SKEC project will provide Skynet satellite communications service delivery from 2027, and from 2028 will deliver assured space-based assets, including Secure TT&C, and commercial satellite services to the MOD.

  1. This note explains the background to, and the process which, the Authority intends to adopt to ensure an assured capability for SKEC through-life, whilst not unduly constraining the supply chain.
  2. The purpose of the document is to:
  3. Explain the approach to be employed by the Authority to deliver an AC for SKEC, and
  4. Explain how the Authority is developing its approach to supply chain assurance through Assured Capability to ensure the competition for procuring the SKEC capability is as wide-reaching as possible.
  5. To request access, please email to view the document on Defence Share, or to request an emailed copy.
  6. Nothing in this Briefing Note shall be interpreted as a commitment or representation by the Authority that it will award a contract in any form.  The Authority reserves the right at any time to amend or withdraw the process.
  7. This Briefing Note is not intended to form the basis of any investment decision. It does not purport to be all-inclusive or to contain all the information needed to make any commercial decisions.  Each person to whom this Briefing Note is made available must make their own independent assessment of the information and use it accordingly.
  8. Comments on the concept and process described in this Briefing Note are welcomed from Industry.