BATCIS – MORPHEUS Systems House Industry Day

The MOD intends to hold an Industry Briefing on 6th February 2015 at techUK, 10 St Bride Street, LONDON EC4A 4AD .The event will commence at 10:00hrs and is expected to conclude around 16:00hrs.

– The aim of this event is to give industry an update on the MORPHEUS programme; more specifically:

Introduce the MORPHEUS Systems House

– Explain the relationships between the MORPHEUS Systems House, Customer Friend and Industry.

– Launch Industry Engagement which will be conducted by the Systems House, and explain how this will be carried out over the course of 2015.

The Battlefield and Tactical Communications & Information Systems (BATCIS) Delivery Team (DT) within MOD is responsible for the through life management of Land Environment Tactical CIS (LE TacCIS). This includes the littoral and air components within that environment.

MORPHEUS is a Programme that will deliver the next generation of Tactical CIS (Tac-CIS) capability, addressing critical system obsolescence and introducing a more agile Tac-CIS solution (both technical and business) that will enable emergent technology to be rapidly exploited for User benefit, will be more responsive to changes in User need, and will realise efficiencies in the way in which Tac-CIS capability is acquired and supported

The role of the MORPHEUS Systems House is to generate high level technical architectures and business constructs against the MORPHEUS requirement and to provide corresponding performance, cost, time and risk data, with requirement impact assessment, to enable the Authority to assess Acquisition Options and identify requirement trades. In undertaking these responsibilities, the MORPHEUS Systems House will be required to engage with potential future suppliers of the MORPHEUS capability (Delivery Partners, OEMS, SMEs, technologists and others) in order to capture their views and inform the viability of each option from both a technical and business perspective.

Industry representatives who are able to contribute to the technical, commercial and business aspects are invited to register their interest in attending by the closing date of 28 January 2015.  In order to maximise participation in this event, BATCIS reserve the right to admit only one representative per company. Delegates are requested to submit names on ‘1+1’ basis where, if the event is over subscribed, the second named delegate would not be invited.  The event is open to large, medium and small enterprises.

Expressions of interest should be sent by Email to:



Where a representative’s Company holds/has recently held a contract within Defence CIS please state the contract number and your company’s role.