Defence Themed Pitch@Palace 9.0 On Tour Event announced

His Royal Highness the Duke of York set up Pitch@Palace as a charitable trust in 2014 to support his work with entrepreneurs. It aims to guide, help and connect early-stage businesses with potential supporters, including CEOs, influencers, investors, mentors and business partners.

Pitch@Palace recently launched Series 9.0, the theme of which is “Data, Intelligence, and The Future of Security”. As part of this a Defence themed On Tour Event is scheduled to take place in London on 31 January 2018.

Winning a place at this On Tour event will give you the chance to test your pitch with key members of the MOD and Defence Industry community, get advice on navigating the UK Defence sector and meet people who as a small company have already made a success of working with Defence

We are searching for entrepreneurs with new technologies, tools, processes and ways of working to improve the protection and performance of our Armed Forces personnel across the range of challenges that they face.

Interested parties and potential participants can find out more about the pitch@palace event here or by downloading the following MOD Brief.