Enduring Submarine Naval Design Partnering (NDP)

Brief Background

The current Submarine Naval Design Partnering (NDP) Team Pilot Arrangements between MOD and selected Core Companies have been operating successfully since placement of initial Contracts by MOD in February 2013 and are due to conclude in September 2017. The current construct of Suppliers includes the 3 Submarine Enterprise Tier 1 Suppliers (Babcock, BAE Submarines and Rolls Royce) along with a number other Tier 2 Suppliers who were previously down selected via a Pre-Qualification Questionnaire (PQQ) exercise to participate as Core Companies in the Pilot arrangements.

The need for this type of construct arrangement originally arose due to shortage of technical Subject matter Experts (SMEs) and Submarine Suitably Qualified and Experienced Personnel (SM SQEP) in the MOD. With the need for MOD to retain its informed customer status in order to maintain sovereign capabilities and to discharge it’s Approving Authority duties across all stages of the CADMID cycle the following roles for work have been developed:

  1. Providing through-life technical support to the SMOC in its Intelligent Customer role so that MOD can make appropriate choices and decisions on material presented by its Submarine Supply Chain across all stages of the submarine project life cycle (pre-concept, concept, detailed design, build, support and disposal phases). This includes supporting the SMOC as the Safety Duty Holder, Design Approving Authority and other technical responsibilities as identified within the Design Management Arrangements agreed between MOD and the Tier 1 companies.
  2. Undertaking pre-concept and concept phase whole boat design and technical studies in support of the MOD fulfilling its responsibilities as identified within the relevant Design Management Arrangements. This role includes the embodiment of new technology into existing platforms.
  3. Supporting the MOD in undertaking through-life technology management studies. Such work includes: assisting the Submarine Technology Management (STeM) Cell in developing, implementing and managing the technology roadmap; dealing with emerging technical issues in current platforms; and technical support to Technology Demonstration Programmes (TDPs).

The purpose of this Industry Day is to engage with all potential Tier 2 suppliers including the existing Tier 1s to provide an update on the success of the current arrangements, brief the way forward on the proposed Enduring arrangements; associated Roles and potential Work Packages, promote the required Collaborative Working between MOD and Core Companies and achieve the widest engagement with the Submarine Enterprise Supply Chain.

Industry Day Information

  • Date: Thursday 13th October 2016
  • Time: 12:00hrs – 1700hrs
  • Venue: Room 101, NH1 Atrium

MOD Abbeywood


Bristol, BS34 8JH

  • Agenda to be provided on the day.

Please note that only up to a maximum of 40 attendees can be accommodated in the venue and therefore places will be limited to 1 individual per company unless extra space is available, therefore please provide details of up to a maximum of two attendees with your preferred single attendant. Consequently, Suppliers are encouraged to register their interest in this event as early as possible to secure their attendance. Requests to attend the Industry Day must be received from your company e-mail address and should be forwarded to the following MOD

e-mail address DESSMIS-SUSM-Rosyth-Cmrcl-NDP@mod.uk. Requests must be received no later than Thursday 6th October 2016.

Copies of any materials, presentations and subsequent arising Questions and Answers will be distributed after the Industry Day Event to all Suppliers who attended, and to any other Suppliers who expressed an interest but were unable to attend the Event.

Suppliers should note that that participation in an Industry Day is entirely voluntary and the Authority will not bear any associated costs. There is no commitment on the part of the Authority to enter into any binding contractual arrangement following engagement with Suppliers through the Industry Day. Neither attendance at the Industry Day nor submission of responses to the Authority

will be taken into consideration in any future competitive tendering process, which, if initiated at all, will be subject to the Defence and Security Public Contract Regulations 2011.