Future Defence ECM, Data Room

Defence Equipment & Support are launching an Award Data Room to provide updates on the plans to deliver the Future Defence Electronic Counter Measure (ECM) capability. The aim of Force Protection (FP) ECM is to ensure that UK service personnel are protected from the threat posed by explosive ordnance initiated using the Electromagnetic Environment (EME) as a command mechanism.

The FP ECM Delivery Team (DT) have previously hosted two Industry Day’s providing updates to the Cat A project and progress towards the Land CEMA Architecture (LCA). The data room will be used to provide all future updates and information and is subject to contract. Access can be requested using the following link https://award.bravosolution.co.uk/fecm/web/project/103/register.

The Force Protection Electronic Countermeasures (FPECM) Delivery Team (DT) is part of Defence Equipment and Support (DE&S). The DT are primarily responsible for delivering life-saving ECM capabilities to multiple front-line commands. The future Defence ECM capability project is currently in the Concept phase.

This is a Cat A requirement with anticipated work for a wide range of industry participants including SMEs.

To answer questionnaires to assist with sculpting the requirement, to find more information on the requirement and to receive updates;
Please request access to the teams Award Data Room, using the following link:


Organisations that could contribute to the key technology areas, include but are not limited to antennas, amplifiers, filters, radio frequency front ends, processors, network capabilities, power, mass data analytics and software development, Along with organisations that can contribute to the integration of complex systems or the development of novel countermeasure techniques are encouraged to register.