ISS New Style of IT (NsoIT) Deployed

The Defence as a Platform (DaaP) vision is to Deliver Information Capabilities as a Force Multiplier and ISS aims to do this at pace.

The New Style of IT (NSoIT) Deployed programme was officially launched 7 Sep 2015. It is a key programme in the consolidation and coherence of systems that will evolve into a service based provision under DaaP (Deployed). It will build on work previously undertaken by the Operational Information Services Programme (OpIS) and that currently being delivered under NSoIT Base.

NSoIT Deployed is intended to rapidly deliver improved capability to the frontline and ensure that operational mission services work in a single information environment seamlessly across ‘Base’ and ‘Deployed’. The services under NSoIT Deployed will:

  • Be scaleable, allowing customers to meet the Operational Business Need (OBN)
  • Integrate with the wider Enterprise domain, and across mutli-national operations, to provide a Single Information Environment across Security domains
  • Leverage technological developments for the operational environment
  • Increase MoD’s commercial agility to utilise the wider market place including Small to Medium Enterprises.

An Industry event hosted by the Ministry of Defence is to be held at The Double Tree Hilton Tower Bridge, 7 Pepys Street, London EC3N 4AF. The date for this event is Thursday 22 October.

It is intended to provide Industry representatives with information on the DaaP vision, the operational context, the key challenges for both today and tomorrow, and how to engage for the opportunities arising from NSoIT Deployed.

If you would like to register you interest in attending this event please contact Andy Johnston at ASAP with the following details:



Job Title:

Please note that attendance may be limited to 1 representative per company