List X – FAQ’s

What is a List X Facility Security Clearance?

List X Facility Security Clearance is intended to safeguard UK classified material held by Industry, in support of a Government contract. A List X security clearance allows contractors to securely store, process and manufacture material designated SECRET (foreign CONFIDENTIAL) or above on their own premises rather than a government facility. The regulations for this arrangement are set out in the HMG Security Policy Framework, published by the Cabinet Office.

How does my company obtain a List X Facility Security Clearance?

List X is not available on request, it has to be sponsored by a contracting authority, such as the Ministry of Defence or a prime contractor.

A List X clearance is needed where:

  • A contract at SECRET (foreign CONFIDENTIAL) or above is to be awarded.
  • There is a requirement either for the work to be done on the contractor’s premises or for protectively marked information to be held on site.

Who carries out the assurance of List X status?

Premises which necessitate a List X clearance will undertake a facility security clearance process completed by the Defence Equipment and Support Principal Security Advisor (DE&S PSyA) Team.

Does my company need to obtain List X before I can bid for a MOD tender?

No. A List X clearance is not a pre-requisite for bidding for MOD contracts, other than in exceptional circumstances.

The List X process is completed once a contract has been agreed or where it is clear that a contract will be awarded.

What happens if I require access to confidential information throughout the bidding process and I do not have List X clearance?

Arrangements can be made for bidders who do not hold a List X clearance to obtain a provisional clearance if this is required.

How long is the List X clearance valid for?

List X status is granted for the duration of the contract.

Once the contractual requirement to hold SECRET material has lapsed, the clearance is deemed inactive, however it can be reactivated providing this is completed within a year and there have been no material changes to company structure or physical infrastructure.

Who do I contact for more information regarding obtaining a List X Security clearance?

Defence Equipment and Support Principal Security Advisor (DE&S PSyA) Team


Telephone: 03067934378

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