MOD Electro-Mechanical Training Contract

The Defence College of Technical Training (DCTT) delivers technical training to military personnel from across Defence.  The College currently comprises of 4 Schools across a number of sites, including HMS SULTAN in Gosport and MOD Lyneham in Wiltshire.  MOD Lyneham is home to the Defence School of Electronic and Mechanical Engineering (DSEME) and the School of Army Aeronautical Engineering (SAAE), and HMS SULTAN is home to the Defence School of Marine Engineering (DSMarE) and the Royal Naval Air Engineering and Survival Equipment School (RNAESS).

The Electro-Mechanical Training Contract (EMTC) currently delivers initial and subsequent trade training and support services at both of the HMS SULTAN and MOD Lyneham sites under a single contract; circa 900,000 individual training days a year.  The contract is due for renewal in October 2021 and, to help inform the Project Team, companies are invited to share their views and ideas.

In particular, the Project Team would like a view from industry on the following:

  • Your company’s experiences and perspective of good/bad practices within training delivery and training support for requirements of a similar nature.
  • Your company’s view on bidding for and managing two smaller individual site based contracts, or a larger contract covering both sites, and the opportunities that each option presents.
  • Your company’s view on the most viable duration period for any contract or contracts to offer Value for Money to Defence.
  • Any potential constraints that you foresee to bidding for any contract(s) to fulfil the training requirements.

This will enable the Project Team to:

  • Gather information through market analysis to inform the procurement, commercial and negotiation strategies.
  • Identify risks to the procurement.
  • Encourage early Industry engagement.

After reviewing submissions, the Project Team may invite companies to bilateral meetings to clarify or elaborate on their proposals.

This is a great opportunity to contribute to the delivery of MOD technical training.

Please Note:

Proposals are to be submitted electronically by Friday 2nd November 2018, to the point of contact given below.

At this stage the Project Team are looking for concise overviews of your ideas and proposals, therefore please limit your response accordingly to a maximum of 2000 words.

Companies should not presume that a submission will necessarily result in an invitation to a bilateral meeting with the Project Team.

It should not be construed or inferred from this invitation or the submission of a response that it will result in any commitment by or order from the Authority.

The Project Team reserves the right to use and adapt the information submitted without any further reference to the company which provided the information, unless the company identifies a specific element which is commercially sensitive, which may then be subject to further discussion.


Point of Contact:

Anna Gibbs

Air Commercial