MoD Industry Briefing

28 June – MoD intends to hold an Industry Briefing on 26 July 2013 at Intellect EnterMinistry of Defenceprise Ltd, Russell Square House,10 – 12 Russell Square, London, WC1B 5EE.  The event will commence at 1000hrs and is expected to conclude around 1600hrs.

The aim of the event is to update Industry on the LE TacCIS Programme.  This centres upon a need to ensure demonstrable value for money whilst simultaneously bearing down upon non-essential costs.  Also, in the current economic climate, it is even more imperative that industry and the MoD work together to deliver the required capability at reduced cost whilst ensuring a fair and equitable return for industry in a more transparent environment.

The day itself will consist of MoD outlining its latest thinking on the roles and responsibilities of a Delivery Partner, and the support required of a ‘Systems House’ for the development of High Level Design Requirements.  BATCIS will outline its current views on potential acquisition approaches.  This would be followed by targeted workshops to enable an early exchange of views.

Industry representatives who can contribute to the technical, commercial and business aspects are invited to register their interest in attending by the closing date of 08 July 2013. Due to limitations on numbers at the venue, preference will be given to companies with current involvement in a relevant Communications and Information Systems environment and, not necessarily current Defence suppliers of CIS elements.  In order to maximise participation in this event, BATCIS reserve the right to admit only one representative per company. Consequently, delegates are requested to submit names on ‘1+1’ basis where, if the event is over subscribed, the second named delegate would not be invited.  Any company who has expresses an interest in the Industry Day but is unsuccessful in securing a place will be sent the outputs.  The event is open to large, medium and small enterprises.


The ‘Systems House’ Construct will develop High Level Design Requirements for the LE TacCIS programme, will be selected by competition and provide expertise in the tactical communications market.

The Customer Friend role and Legacy Support aspects of the LE TacCIS programme are subject to ongoing competition and will not be discussed at this event.

Expressions of interest should be sent by Email to:

Where a representative’s Company holds/has recently held a contract within Defence CIS please state the contract number and your company’s role.