Exciting new opportunities in human and social science research

Are you an expert in human, behavioural or social sciences research? Maybe you’re a wizard with statistics and data science, or a skilled facilitator that can lead multidisciplinary workshops and research sandpits. Can your organisation find innovative solutions to defence and security research challenges?

We are looking for new members to join the 100+ SMEs, universities and major corporations which have already signed up to the Human Social Science Research Capability Framework.


What sort of opportunities exist?

We commission defence and security research and advisory tasks (ranging from £20k to £1m+) across six technical themes:

  • Personnel
  • Training and education
  • Humans in systems
  • Human performance
  • Understanding and influencing human behaviour
  • Health, wellbeing and enhancing medical systems and capabilities


Who are the HSSRC Framework’s Customers?

The framework is available to the Ministry of Defence and other UK Government departments including the Home Office, the Ministry of Justice, the College of Policing, and Departments for Education, Transport, International Trade and Work & Pensions.


Do suppliers need experience in defence or security?

We are keen to hear from organisations with expertise in delivering high-quality research across all sectors, and really value the different experience, perspectives and insights they can bring.


Are smaller suppliers really welcome?

Definitely! To date, 48% of research tasks by value have been awarded to SMEs, with 17% awarded to micro enterprises (those with fewer than 10 employees).


How does the HSSRC support suppliers?

We understand that suppliers, especially smaller organisations or those new to defence and security, might need some extra support. Our small and approachable project team is here to help by:

  • Responding promptly to any questions you might have
  • Providing guidance on what a proposal should contain
  • Publishing the assessment criteria that are used to inform competition decisions
  • Offering constructive feedback on proposals
  • Running regular face-to-face engagements and networking events


In addition, once a task has been awarded, technical leads from the HSSRC Framework and our customer organisations will be available to support new suppliers and provide domain-specific knowledge.


How do I take part?

We run regular competitions, with new opportunities published to all members. Our suppliers have a wide range of complementary skills and experience, and we encourage them to work together in multidisciplinary teams to address research challenges – the regular networking events are a great way to meet and share ideas with other suppliers.

 If you would like more information on the HSSRC or are interested in joining the supplier network, please get in touch with the team at hssrc@baesystems.com.



Public Consultation on the UK Global Tariff

The UK left the European Union on 31 January. We now have the opportunity to develop an independent trade policy. The UK has always been a champion of free trade and firm believer in the vital role trade plays in boosting wealth and raising billions out of poverty. We will seek to use our new powers to catalyse free trade across the world.

The Department for International Trade (DIT) is the UK’s international economic department responsible for securing UK and global prosperity by promoting and financing international trade and investment, and championing free trade. It is working to establish deeper trade and investment relationships with countries across the world. It is also preparing the UK’s first independent tariff policy (or Most Favoured Nation (MFN) policy) in nearly fifty years

The UK Global Tariff (UKGT) will apply to goods imported into the UK on 1 January 2021 and thereafter unless an exception such as a preferential arrangement, e.g. under a free trade agreement, or a tariff suspension applies. This tariff will not apply to goods coming from developing countries that benefit under the Generalised System of Preferences, or to goods originating from countries with which the UK has negotiated a Free Trade Agreement. The Northern Ireland / Ireland Protocol in the Withdrawal Agreement provides for certain specific arrangements as regards Northern Ireland.

The Government is committed to taking account of the views from the general public, business and civil society and international stakeholders and launched a 4-week public consultation on the UK Global Tariff on 6 February 2020. This consultation will close on 5 March 2020 at 23:59 GMT.

For more information, or to contribute to the consultation please click on the below link:


SPISN C2IS Industry Day – 3/4 Feb 20


SPISN C2IS Industry Day – 3/4 Feb 20

Aim: The aim of the event is to provide Industry with the opportunity to engage with MOD regarding the provision of a hybrid mix of in-sourced and out-sourced service management models for C2IS, and the resulting business benefits and impacts.

Context: There is an opportunity to improve the current in-house service management arrangements of a complete Command, Control and Information System for a specialist user by increasing the number and type of services that can be outsourced, while retaining the necessary agility for the rapid change demanded of the system. A fully out-sourced (Thick Prime) model is not required so a hybrid approach (mix of in and out-sourcing) is being considered.

The MOD intends to compete for continued service management support from Apr 2021, possibly under an optimised hybrid model, subject to understanding the impact and gaining the required approvals.  The MOD is keen to hear Industry’s views and experience of;

  • this type of project and what has been successful
  • innovation – how your business would look to offer solutions for this project
  • what business changes were required
  • how service management boundaries are managed
  • your commercial solution
  • any issues arising from providing support in a hybrid model

Format: The event will start at 09:30 with background and contextual presentations, followed by an open Q&A session. Attendees should be in the presentation venue by 09:00 for registration and coffee, to allow a prompt start at 09:30.

The presentations and Q&A will continue until lunchtime with one-to-one meetings with MOD project and commercial staff available on a first come first served basis during the afternoon of 3 Feb 20, with a fallback plan to continue the one-to-ones on 4 Feb 20 at the same venue if there is significant demand. Non-commercially sensitive information shared during the one-to-ones will be disseminated via email to all companies in attendance.

Attendees: The event is open to SC-cleared UK nationals from any UK supplier, and there is a limit of three representatives per company.

Applications: Suppliers who are interested in attending should express their interest by email to DESSPISN-Industry@mod.gov.uk no later than 17:00 Fri 3 Jan 2020. Successful applicants will be informed by email.

Applications must include:

  1. The company’s name
  2. Each representative’s (max 3)
    1. Full name
    2. Nationality
    3. Date of Birth
    4. SC clearance (as a minimum) reference number
    5. Contact email
    6. Contact phone number
    7. Any dietary requirements
  3. Whether a one to one session is requested, noting all non-commercially sensitive information shared before, during & after the event will be disseminated to all attendees via email
  4. Clarification Questions, which will be consolidated and provided to all attendees in an information pack by email a few days before the event

SC Clearance: Attendees must be cleared to at least to SC and be UK Nationals only. Clearance reference numbers must be provided via email to the address above at the time of requesting attendance, so by 17:00 Fri 3 Jan 2020.

Venue: Hewetson Hall, Technology School, The Defence Academy of the United Kingdom, Shrivenham, Wiltshire SN6 8LA

Refreshments: Coffee and lunch will be provided on 3 Feb 20 only. A coffee shop is available on-site and there are retail outlets immediately outside the Defence Academy main gate.

Security: Please allow at least 30 minutes to clear security and park vehicles. Photographic ID (driving licence or passport) will be required on the day to gain entry.

GDPR: Personal data will be handled in accordance with the MOD privacy notice published on Gov.uk (https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/ministry-of-defence-privacy-notice/mod-privacy-notice).


SME Business Growth and Support Workshops – Boston, Durham, Norwich and Taunton

NEW The Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy is holding a series of workshops for SMEs on issues related to business growth and success. The events will allow businesses to set out their priorities on a range of businesses issues, including Brexit. Officials from across government will also be sharing information on operational areas that are expected to change when the UK leaves the EU and the preparations businesses need to make on areas including importing, exporting & transporting and employing EU citizens.

Future Defence ECM, Data Room

Defence Equipment & Support are launching an Award Data Room to provide updates on the plans to deliver the Future Defence Electronic Counter Measure (ECM) capability. The aim of Force Protection (FP) ECM is to ensure that UK service personnel are protected from the threat posed by explosive ordnance initiated using the Electromagnetic Environment (EME) as a command mechanism.

The FP ECM Delivery Team (DT) have previously hosted two Industry Day’s providing updates to the Cat A project and progress towards the Land CEMA Architecture (LCA). The data room will be used to provide all future updates and information and is subject to contract. Access can be requested using the following link https://award.bravosolution.co.uk/fecm/web/project/103/register.

The Force Protection Electronic Countermeasures (FPECM) Delivery Team (DT) is part of Defence Equipment and Support (DE&S). The DT are primarily responsible for delivering life-saving ECM capabilities to multiple front-line commands. The future Defence ECM capability project is currently in the Concept phase.

This is a Cat A requirement with anticipated work for a wide range of industry participants including SMEs.

To answer questionnaires to assist with sculpting the requirement, to find more information on the requirement and to receive updates;
Please request access to the teams Award Data Room, using the following link:


Organisations that could contribute to the key technology areas, include but are not limited to antennas, amplifiers, filters, radio frequency front ends, processors, network capabilities, power, mass data analytics and software development, Along with organisations that can contribute to the integration of complex systems or the development of novel countermeasure techniques are encouraged to register.

Programme CORTISONE – Notice of Request for Information Relating to a draft Statement of Requirement for Document Management, Workflow & Task Management, and e-Forms

Programme CORTISONE – Notice of Request for Information Relating to a draft Statement of Requirement for Document Management, Workflow & Task Management, and e-Forms is now available through the CORTISONE Supplier Portal

This announcement invites interested suppliers to view the draft Statement of Requirement for Document Management, Workflow & Task Management, and e-Forms for the CORTISONE Programme within the UK Ministry of Defence (MOD) on the CORTISONE Supplier Portal.

Following on from a series of Discovery Days (July to November 2018, continuing with Discovery Day 6 in June 2019) and the CORTISONE Industry Day (28 January 2019 at techUK in London), the CORTISONE Programme is issuing a Request for Information (RFI). This RFI invites interested suppliers to read and provide feedback on the draft Statement of Requirement for the Programme’s planned procurement of Document Management, Workflow & Task Management, and e-Forms. The CORTISONE team intends to provide further details of the procurement itself later in 2019. The Programme team’s preference is to procure the Document Management, Workflow & Task Management, and e-Forms through a suitable framework where one exists.

Overview of the CORTISONE Document Management, Workflow & Task Management, and e-Forms

The Statement of Requirement released as part of this RFI covers the CORTISONE Document Management, Workflow & Task Management, and e-Forms:

Document Management. The Document Management System will provide high-volume long-term storage and management capabilities for all non-DICOM CORTISONE content. It is also expected to provide advanced document capture, version control, retention/disposal, search and flexible access control capabilities; and to be capable of managing records of content stored in non-digital form, or in another digital store. This should also include a Vendor Neutral Archive (VNA). The VNA will provide vendor-independent storage and management for DICOM standard medical images. This will be directly accessible by the legacy and future CORTISONE PACS/RIS (and other native DICOM systems) and will sit alongside, and be integrated with, the Document Management System. A Zero Footprint Viewer will also be required, to provide a high level of DICOM image display functionality from within a browser.

Workflow & Task Management. A workflow & task management capability is required across the CORTISONE ecosystem, providing for the configuration, performance and monitoring of defined sequences of tasks. The workflow functionality may be delivered by the same product as the Document Management or as a separate, suitably integrated, product.

e-Forms. e-Forms capability is required across the CORTISONE ecosystem, for example it may be used to fill functionality gaps in clinical systems (e.g. Defence specific occupational health requirements). In addition, e-Forms may be used to support the capture of patient information in the Deployed environment.

How do I get access to the information?

The CORTISONE team intends to make the RFI and draft Statement of Requirement available through the CORTISONE Supplier Portal, a new online workspace that will enable the Programme to share information with suppliers of relevant products and services in pre-procurement market engagement.

New suppliers are invited to request access to the CORTISONE Supplier Portal by nominating up to two representatives from their company to be granted membership.

The representatives should provide the following information to ISSDev-ASDT-EngageCORTISONE-Gp@mod.gov.uk:

  • Full name of company;
  • Full name(s) of representative(s);
  • Role(s) of the representative(s) within the company;
  • Company email address(es) of representative(s). This email will be associated with their membership of the portal.

Invitations will be sent to the nominated email addresses with a link providing access to the CORTISONE Supplier Portal, along with instructions for finding and responding to the RFI and draft Statement of Requirement.

Please note that completed RFI questionnaires should be returned to the CORTISONE Team by email to ISSDev-ASDT-EngageCORTISONE-Gp@mod.gov.uk no later than 10:00 BST on 27 June 19.

CORTISONE Supplier Portal

The CORTISONE Supplier Portal is a new online workspace that enables the CORTISONE Programme to share information with suppliers of relevant products and services in pre-procurement market engagement. This may include draft Statements of Requirements for different products and services that CORTISONE intends to procure as well as draft design artefacts that provide useful technical details for suppliers interested in the Programme. The portal also provides information about the context and status of the CORTISONE Programme in the CORTISONE Overview pages.

Significant additions to the content published on the CORTISONE Supplier Portal will be announced on Defence Contracts Online first. Suppliers will be given the opportunity to request access to the CORTISONE Supplier Portal on a rolling basis. Any queries about access to the CORTISONE Supplier Portal should be directed to ISSDev-ASDT-EngageCORTISONE-Gp@mod.gov.uk.

Responding to this announcement is voluntary and does not start the official procurement process for the CORTISONE requirement. Participation in the CORTISONE Supplier Portal does not guarantee, or jeopardise, your inclusion in a future procurement exercise. It should be noted that all information released in relation to the CORTISONE Supplier Portal is released on a without commitment basis, is subject to change and may not form part of any future procurement process.

No down-selection will take place as a consequence of any responses or interactions relating to the CORTISONE Supplier Portal unless stated otherwise. Additionally, no information provided in response to this announcement or in relation to the CORTISONE Supplier Portal will be used in any way for the purpose of evaluating suppliers or their products in any future procurement process.

What is Programme CORTISONE?

The aim of Programme CORTISONE is to deliver an integrated ecosystem of medical information services to the Defence Medical Services (DMS). Its vision is to deliver ‘a sustainable, integrated, cohesive and enduring information capability that will fully and effectively support the delivery of evidence-based medical and dental health and healthcare outputs, to achieve the Aim of the Defence Medical Services’ – which is to Promote, Protect and Restore the health of the Defence population in order to maximise their fitness for role, while maintaining an occupational focus and an operational edge.

A multi-million-pound programme, with global reach and operations equivalent in size to two large CCGs (Clinical Commissioning Groups) and a Community Trust, CORTISONE looks to procure a full suite of healthcare software from multiple healthcare product/service suppliers, together with develop and deliver services. It is anticipated that elements of the ecosystem will be re-competed on a regular basis to ensure the best solutions are being delivered to users, giving an ongoing opportunity for market players to get involved with the ecosystem on a long-term basis.

The MOD is looking for a range of companies to engage with the programme, delivering a full suite of healthcare software to meet use-cases and patient-journey-defined functional requirements. With the modular nature of the procurement allowing innovation, all suppliers are encouraged to take a leading role in delivery of functionality.

The CORTISONE programme has been engaging with suppliers through Industry Days on 17 May 2018 and 28 January 2019 and through a series of Discovery Days, where it has invited potential suppliers to present information on services and demonstrate products to relevant technical and business staff from the CORTISONE programme.  Previous Discovery Days have addressed:

  • Primary Medical Care (Discovery Day 1, 30 July 2018)
  • Dental Healthcare (Discovery Day 2, 31 July 2018)
  • Integration Platform (Discovery Day 3, 1 and 2 October 2018)
  • Enterprise Master Patient Index (Discovery Day 4, 23 and 24 October 2018)
  • Document Management (Discovery Day 5, 12 and 13 November 2018)

A further Discovery Day will be held in June 2019 and will address Document Management, Workflow & Task Management, and e-Forms. This Discovery Day is designed to evaluate a set of updated requirements for the CORTISONE Document Management System that resulted from the input received during Discovery Day 5. Details on the technical basis for Discovery Day 6 can be found on the Defence Contracts Online announcements.

CORTISONE is also looking to the future and will exploit innovation to align with NHS strategy, virtualise healthcare and integrate with services across the healthcare sector. This might include telemedicine, patient record integration with the NHS and other patient databases, patient condition tracking etc.

The Battlefield and Tactical Communications & Information Systems (BATCIS) Industry Briefing Event

As one of its regular briefing events, the BATCIS team will be providing an update on the upcoming and future procurement activity the team manages.

The Industry Briefing Event will include updates on MORPHEUS (including the MORPHEUS Managed Service Providers (MSPs)), TRINITY, Dismounted Situational Awareness (DSA) and the Tactical Communication and Information Systems (TacCIS) Bearers Project and will share early conceptual thinking on other aspects of the Land Environment TacCIS programme which BATCIS manages. The event will also offer a number of focus sessions for attendees to explore different areas of our projects in more detail with our team.

What is BATCIS

The BATCIS Delivery Team is part of Information Systems and Services (ISS).  BATCIS is responsible for the development, fielding and sustainment of a range of tactical CIS equipment and systems used in the joint Land Environment. The BATCIS portfolio includes Bowman, Bowman/ComBAT Infrastructure Platform (BCIP), MORPHEUS, DSA, the Personal Role Radio, Tactical Ground to Air and Tactical Satellite radios, the MAKEFAST engineer Battlefield Information Systems Application (BISA), Falcon and TRINITY.

Details about the Industry Briefing Day

The Industry Briefing Day will be taking place at the Mercure Grand Hotel Broad Street, Bristol, BS1 2EL on 11th July 2019 starting at 0930hrs. If you are interested in attending the event you will need to book through the event page on the techUK website. There are 200 places available for attendees. Attendees will be selected on a first come first served basis and each organisation will be able to bring up to 3 attendees to the event. This event will be most relevant to technical, commercial and business development colleagues. Refreshments including lunch will be provided.

If you have any queries (other than booking queries) about the event, please contact us on ISSComrcl-BATCIS-MORPHEUS-GRP@mod.gov.uk

What information will you get from this day?

  1. An update on the activities in the BATCIS Delivery Team
  2. Our forward plan on our future opportunities

Opportunities of the day:

  1. Engagement with the BATCIS Delivery Team.
  2. Network with other suppliers and potential partners.


Prompt Payment Policy – are you ready?

Every year, thousands of businesses experience severe administrative and financial burdens, simply because they are not paid on time. Late payment is a key issue for business, especially smaller businesses as it can adversely affect their cash flow and jeopardise their ability to trade. In the worst cases, late payment can lead to insolvency.

This is why Oliver Dowden, Minister for Implementation for the Cabinet Office, announced a new prompt payment policy in November 2018 to ensure that all Government suppliers and sub-contractors benefit from being paid on time. Failure of companies to demonstrate prompt payment to their suppliers could result in them being prevented from winning Government contracts.

Bidders for Government contracts will be required to provide evidence about their payment performance, including the percentage of invoices paid within 60 days across both their private and public sector business. Suppliers who are unable to demonstrate that they have effective systems in place that ensure a fair and responsible approach to payment of their supply chain may be excluded from bidding.

This policy will be implemented from September 2019 in Government contracts with expected revenues above £5m per annum. As part of the assessment the MOD will be looking back at payment performance for the previous two 6 month reporting periods. Suppliers’ current payment performance will therefore be considered – and may impact their ability to win business.

Larger companies are already required to publish payment performance in accordance with the Reporting on Payment Practices and Performance Regulations (2017): further information is available at this link https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/business-payment-practices-and-performance-reporting-requirements. These reports will be used to verify any response provided as part of the selection process from this Autumn.

Suppliers are advised to:

  • review their published data via BEIS – https://check-payment-practices.service.gov.uk/
  • ensure they are meeting the required standards (95% of payments within 60 days)
  • take any steps to improve performance if required

This does not preclude the MOD’s standard contract condition (DEFCON 534) requiring suppliers to pay undisputed invoices within 30 days, which will take precedence.  This condition also seeks to ensure prompt payment throughout the supply chain by requiring an equivalent condition to ensure that subcontractors also pay within 30 days.

Further information can be found below.

Outcome of consultation


Press Release


Defence Contract Bulletin National Training Estate Contract supplier briefing

Defence Contract Bulletin

National Training Estate Contract supplier briefing

Thursday 4 July 2019

Longmoor Training Camp, GU33 6EL

The Defence Infrastructure Organisation’s (DIO) Future Defence Infrastructure Services (FDIS) Programme will be hosting a briefing event to provide details on plans for the procurement of the National Training Estate Contract. Procurement will be initiated through a Crown Commercial Service Framework arrangement, to replace the current contractual arrangements.

DIO plays a vital role in supporting Defence by leading and managing the delivery of what the Armed Forces need to live, work, train and deploy on operations. We advise, buy, manage and assure the delivery of infrastructure services across the Defence estate in an affordable and sustainable way.

The Training Estate contract is unique in its broad breadth of service. It will primarily provide a vital service supporting the Armed Forces and delivering a Safe Place to train through the provision, allocation and operation of military Training Facilities, Hard and Soft Facilities Management services. This also includes FM Services to one of this country’s largest rural estates; delivering on our responsibilities to an estate that has several listed buildings, ancient monuments and designations such as Sites of Special Scientific Interest and Special Protection Areas.

If you are interested in attending, please email the FDIS Programme at: DIOComrcl-FDISGroupMailbox@mod.gov.uk no later than 12:00 on Wednesday 26th June.

Please provide the below details of attendees:

  • Name
  • Company
  • Nationality
  • Vehicle Registration Number

Please note: Only registered individuals with ID will be admitted to the event. Full joining instructions will be sent prior to the event.

MOD (ISS Networks) will host an Industry Day on 7 June 2019 at MOD Corsham, for the Defence Strategic Radio Services (DSRS), formerly known as the Future – Defence High Frequency Communication Service (F-DHFCS)

Aim: The aim of the event is to inform industry of the upcoming opportunity to tender for the DSRS requirement. This Industry Day follows on from the F-DHFCS Market Interest Day held on 11 July 2018.

Context: The current contracting arrangements for strategic radio services expires in June 2021 and a requirement for similar service remains extant. To this end, the MOD intends to follow a new procurement by a competition, including a Pre-Qualification Questionnaire (PQQ) phase. The new procurement process is expected to begin in mid-2019 with a new contract in place by January 2021, which allows for a six-month mobilisation and transition period. It is expected that the total contract will be in the region of £100m+, with an anticipated duration of circa 9 years.

Format: The event will start at 13.00 with a presentation, which will be followed by an open Q&A session. Presenters will brief on various aspects of the DSRS project and the expected timescales for the competition. Attendees should be in the presentation venue by 12.30, to allow prompt start at 13.00. The expected duration will be until 16:00.

Attendees: The event is open to any supplier, but there is a limit of three representatives per company.

Applications: Suppliers who are interested in attending should express their interest by E Mail to: Bernice.dick309@mod.gov.uk by no later than midday Wednesday 5th June 2019. Successful applicants will be informed by email.

Applications must include:

  • The company’s name
  • The representatives
  • Full name
  • Nationality
  • Date of Birth
  • SC clearance details (as a minimum)
  • A contact email and phone number

SC Clearance: Attendees must be cleared at least to SC and be UK Nationals only. Clearance reference numbers must be provided via email to the address above when requesting attendance at the Industry Day.

Venue: Building 405, Room 314, MOD Corsham, Westwells Road, Corsham, Wiltshire SN13 9ET.

Refreshments: Two cafés and a canteen are available on-site for visitors to purchase any food or refreshments beforehand.

Security: Please allow at least 30 minutes to clear security and park vehicles. Photographic ID (driving licence or passport) will be required on the day to gain entry. It should be noted that parking may be limited due to refurbishments.