CP&F Release 2 Goes Live

IMPORTANT NOTICE – CP&F Release 2 has now gone live and clearing the backlog of outstanding transactions is now in progress; In order to provide a controlled access into CP&F across the MOD user access to CP&F is being phased by TLB.

This access process is being operated between the 5th to 8th December. Please be aware that some disruption may be experienced during this early phase.

For more information visit the Gov.uk website.

Defence as a Platform (Future) Focus Workshops

A number of existing Defence ICS contracts are due to expire over the next 7 years, with some major contracts expiring in the next 3 years. A significant opportunity therefore exists for the Ministry of Defence to secure increased benefits through the establishment of new ICT contracts which exploit innovation and the changes in the ICT marketplace.

Defence as a Platform (DaaP) is a new way to provide shared sets of common components and infrastructure. DaaP will enable Defence to move from high cost, stove-piped systems with fragmented architecture, to a cost-efficient platform model with common architecture across services. It will provide users, whether in office or on the battlefield, with access to the right information via the right systems at the right time.

Focus Workshops

There will be two separately themed Focus Workshops to be held at the MOD Corsham Site, Westwells Road, Corsham, SN13 9NR. Details are below.

5th December – Commercial – Collaboration Principles

Content and aim

In moving to the new platform model with an increased number of suppliers delivering services that were previously procured as systems, it is essential that the suppliers work together collaboratively to ensure Defence receives the end service it requires. The Authority has drafted a collaboration regime to incentivise contractors to work effectively together, and wishes to share the principles of this model with Industry in order to gain views on the risk and reward mechanisms proposed within. Industry will be presented with set questions on the model to discuss and feedback at the day.

To accommodate the maximum number of attendees the Authority shall be holding separate morning (9.30-12.30) and afternoon (14.00-17.00) sessions covering the same material but for different suppliers. Suppliers will be required to advise their preferred session, although this may not be able to be accommodated.

7th December – Technical – Design Principles

Content and aim

Since the previous Industry Engagement, the Authority has been developing its Market Facing Requirements and High Level Solution Designs, supported by Use Cases.

The Authority would welcome further engagement on two of the service requirements: Service & Security Management, and Service Integration. The purpose of the Industry Engagement is to:

  • Provide an update on the requirements work undertaken since our last engagement
  • Explore options available for further packaging of the Service & Security Management function
  • Test the Service Integration strategy (which breaks Service Integration into 7 functional areas); namely testing the functional definitions, the retained organisation structure and validating the capabil

The Technical Concept day is aimed at Technical Solution and Delivery experts.

To accommodate the maximum number of attendees the Authority shall be holding separate morning (9.30-12.30) and afternoon (14.00-17.00) sessions covering the same material but for different suppliers. Suppliers will be required to advise their preferred session, although this may not be able to be accommodated.

Further Information

To register your interest in this process and to book a place, please contact Karen Preston on 0306 770 2508 or e-mail ISSComrcl-DaaPFuture-Gp@mod.gov.uk.

Suppliers are limited to one representative per organisation per event, as the number of places is limited. Therefore suppliers need to ensure that their representatives are from the most appropriate function within their organisation and have the relevant skills to provide meaningful input into the workshop sessions. Due to limitations for the workshop we may need to cap the number of attendees and priority will be given to suppliers delivering a relevant service rather than those acting in an advisory capacity.

Suppliers should note that participation in an Industry Day is entirely voluntary and the Authority will not bear any associated costs. There is no commitment on the part of the Authority to enter into any binding contractual arrangement following engagement with suppliers through the Industry Days. Neither attendance at any of the Industry Days nor submission of responses to the Authority will be taken into consideration in any future competitive tendering process, which, if initiated at all, will be subject to the Public Contract Regulations 2015 or the Defence and Security Public Contracts Regulations 2011.


Programme CORTISONE Industry Day

Programme CORTISONE – Programme Update and Industry Engagement Day
London-  21 November 2016

The purpose of this notice is to inform the market of an Industry Day which the Ministry of Defence (MOD) will host on the 21st November 2016 for Programme CORTISONE.


Programme CORTISONE’s vision; is to deliver a sustainable, integrated, cohesive and enduring information capability that will fully and effectively support the delivery of evidence-based medical, dental and healthcare outputs, in order to achieve the Aims of the Defence Medical Service (DMS).

The primary objective of the CORTISONE programme is to introduce coherence across the breadth of the Defence Medical Service’s information and to enable seamless interoperability with the information systems of partner and other supporting organisations, principally the NHS structures of the home nations. This in turn enables the DMS to achieve their clinical outputs in a fully-informed, efficient and effective manner, and to maximise the return on investment in clinical research programmes and projects.

The programme is based on 5 Themes. However the first round of procurement will initially be based on Theme 1(Health Information Exploitation) and Theme 2 (Healthcare Delivery) to enable the Authority to deliver a “minimum viable service” to transition from the existing service by April 2019. The procurement will utilize a lot structure based on component products/services. The lots have been derived from detailed user requirements and a logical architecture, specifying the groupings of functions and components required of the business/clinical capability and these will be explained further at the Industry event but include an Integrated Electronic Healthcare Record and other clinical services. The provisional lot structure is as follows:

Lot 1 – Integrated Electronic Healthcare Record (iEHR);

Lot 2 – Integrated Reporting and Data Analytics;

Lot 3 – Primary Healthcare;

Lot 4 – Dental Healthcare;

Lot 5 – Mental Healthcare;

Lot 6 – Occupational Healthcare;

Lot 7 – Imaging (electronic Radiology Management System);

Lot 8 – Rehabilitation Service;

Lot 9 – Management Services.

The key output will be the interoperability between all elements of every delivery solution. The solutions must also provide effective navigation of data and deliver a rich source of intelligence and analysis to promote better healthcare. The developed data services must have appropriate controls on access and usage. Contractors are required to deliver COTS products, licences, and technical support. There will be no bespoke software development as part of this initial round of procurement. CORTISONE’s principle will employ an evergreen COTS (Commercial Off The Shelf) first approach to simplify procurement and reduce the costs/time of implementing upgrades as standard releases can be applied without need for additional customisation. This approach ensures that the core health record remains separate from (though related to) Defence-specific information and can therefore be readily transferred to/from NHS or other provider systems as and when required, with the military element remaining within the DMS information domain.

To provide an Integrated Electronic Health Record service the MOD is looking for a COTS platform that is:

  • Reliable: Available 24 hours a day, seven days a week with minimal downtime;
  • Fast: Information needs to be retuned almost immediately, regardless of location or channel;
  • Accessible: Information needs to be obtainable through multiple devices, even in the most extreme environments and conditions in deployed base scenarios;
  • Secure: MOD data must be protected and secure regardless of location or device;
  • Easy to Use: Information must be found easily through intuitive, yet powerful interfaces;
  • Open Standards: Information must be available to be integrated utilising common API Standards;
  • Integration: Integration must be provided by API interfaces agreed to MOD standards;
  • COTS: Applications and API are to be common with minimal bespoke code modifications;
  • Constantly Evolving: provides the foundation for continual enhancement and addition of new functionality.

The Industry Day:

This Industry Day forms part of Programme CORTISONE’s market assessment phase. Its purpose is to give an overview of the programme, its scope and provide further detail around delivery approach – lot Structure, Procurement Strategy and Architecture approach and encourage communication between Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) in the marketplace. There will also be the opportunity, utilising ‘breakout’ areas in the afternoon, for industry to ask questions of the CORTISONE Programme Team and an opportunity to provide written feedback to our approach after the Day, which will inform potential future procurement. Due to limited spaces it is suggested that you select two representatives to attend the Industry Day. It is recommended that one attendee should be of a technical/architectural background, and the second from a business/commercial background. A webinar of the Industry Day will be available to both members and non-members of techUK who cannot attend in person. Registration is open to all.

CORTISONE is a multi-million pound programme which represents a significant opportunity for the healthcare technology industry and is designed to encourage SME participation. The date and details for the next industry engagement session is:

Programme CORTISONE – Programme Update and Industry Engagement Day
Date: 21 November 2016
Time: 10.00 – 15.00 (Registration from 09.30)
Venue: techUK, 10 St Bride Street, London EC4A 4AD

UK Deployable Food Programme competition

After successful market engagement with industry across multiple locations throughout the UK the Ministry of Defence is pleased to announce that it has commenced its UK Deployable Food Programme (DFP) competition.

UK DFP is running the competition under the Open Procedure of the Public Contracts Regulations 2015 and is looking for a supplier capable of supplying high-quality and good-value food to the British Armed Forces on a national basis across all areas throughout the United Kingdom including remote regions in Scotland, Northern Ireland, Wales and England.

We are looking to work with an innovative provider who is capable of supplying and delivering a wide range of food and related non-food products from a defined Core and Non-Core list within pre-agreed timescales.

If this sounds like a good opportunity for your business please register and search for the Contract Notice on Defence Contracts Online in order to view the UK DFP tender documentation at www.contracts.mod.uk.

As part of the tender process the MOD is providing a Bidders Conference. Once you have viewed the tender documents and feel that your company is capable of meeting the full requirements please book a place on the Bidders Conference taking place in Bristol by emailing Jake Morrison at DESLD-DFPCommercial@mod.uk. Please note that the final date for registration for attending the conference is Monday 7 November 2016 and the Conference will take place later that week.

You must not take this announcement to mean confirmation that the MOD shall award a contract for this requirement. The MOD is publishing this announcement without any commitment to issue an invitation to tender or place a contract. Accordingly, any expenditure, work or effort undertaken prior to contract award is a matter solely for the commercial judgement of potential suppliers. Announcements may also be published on Contracts Finder or the Official Journal of the European Union (OJEU), as appropriate.

For further information, contact:

Jake Morrison

Email: DESLD-DFPCommercial@mod.uk

Web: www.contracts.mod.uk

DEODS/C-IED Industry Briefing Day (including application form)




Wednesday 7th December 2016




Uncontrolled Explosive Ordnance (EO) and Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs) are an enduring global threat and in the case of IEDs are likely to continue to be a weapon of choice for the UK’s adversaries. To effectively search and safely dispose of EO, and to counter IEDs, an international, cross-government and multi-disciplinary approach is required which uses both offensive and defensive methods to neutralise threats.


To ensure the MoD and particularly the Defence EOD & Search community maintains close contact with industry, the DEODS/C-IED Branch, supported by Capability Management, DE&S and Science & Technology authorities, are planning to hold an Industry Briefing Day in the MoD on 7th Dec 16. Following the success of previous events, the intention once again is to invite industry partners to a briefing day at the Secret level in order to share information regarding global threats together with MoD and partner-nation initiatives and requirements and to indicate where funded and unfunded capability gaps may lie now and into the forseable future.


The Branch are always keen to welcome new representation from industry or academia in order that we continue to innovate and develop novel capabilities to meet future challenges.


The nature of this briefing means it must be held in a secure location (MoD Whitehall) and all participants need to be a minimum of Security Cleared (SC) and be UK Nationals.


The programme will include:


  • The Threat and Operational Context
  • EOD & Search Capability Planning and the Requirement
  • Future Equipment Procurement & Support Opportunities


To register your interest and receive a Registration Booking Form, please email your request by Friday 11th November 2016 to:




All completed applications must be submitted by Friday 18th November 2016.


The requirement to ensure all attendees hold the relevant clearance means that unfortunately late bookings cannot be accepted. Full details will be promulgated to individuals by email as soon as their security clearance has been confirmed.


Please note:


  • There is a nominal (per-delegate) charge for this event to cover the cost of supplied briefing material, lunch and refreshments – last year this was £30 per head.
  • We reserve the right to prioritise attendance if demand exceeds venue capacity.



Tel: +44 (0)30679 81298



Attendee Details
Company (include address)
Surname As it appears on your Security Clearance/Passport
Forename As it appears on your Security Clearance/Passport
Phone Number
Email address
Special Dietary Requirement
Any Other requirements
Personal Security Details
UK National Yes / No – delete as applicable
Date of Birth
Security clearance No.
Security clearance Expiry date
Some clearances are from former companies – If this applies please detail the name of the company that the clearance is with in the box below
Company Security Officer Details
Security Officer Name
Email Address
Phone Number

Conditions of release of data

Please read and sign to accept terms of attendance

1.   The company will treat the information as received in confidence and will not disclose it to third parties without the consent of The C-IED PMO, MOD.

2.   The company will not copy or use the information except for the purpose of assessing the suitability of candidate technologies in its possession for UK defence use.

3.   The company will make a summary of its technology and its assessment of that technology available to the C-IED PMO, MOD in confidence for internal information and evaluation purposes

4.   The company will not disclose its assessments to third parties without the consent of the C-IED PMO.

5.   Cheques cashed will not be refunded if it is found subsequently that the individual is ineligible to attend.

On behalf of company

When completed please send attached with cheque for £30* made payable to “Accounting Officer, MOD” to:-

C-IED Industry Day



# 8207

MOD Abbey Wood


BS34 8JH

Any questions should be directed to:-

CIED PMO: 030679 81298.

Or email:   desciedoffice-multiuser@mod.uk

*Please Note, we can only accept payment by cheque for this event.


The MOD has previously advised that P2P would be taken down on 30th September to allow for migration to the new CP&F system.  Due to technical issues this date is now expected to be postponed by around 1 month and so P2P will not be taken down on this date.  Specific dates for the closure of P2P and the MODs downtime to migrate to the new CP&F system will be provided by 21st September.

Please monitor the CP&F web pages on the gov.uk site for the latest information.

If you need further information please to speak to your MOD Commercial contact.

Enduring Submarine Naval Design Partnering (NDP)

Brief Background

The current Submarine Naval Design Partnering (NDP) Team Pilot Arrangements between MOD and selected Core Companies have been operating successfully since placement of initial Contracts by MOD in February 2013 and are due to conclude in September 2017. The current construct of Suppliers includes the 3 Submarine Enterprise Tier 1 Suppliers (Babcock, BAE Submarines and Rolls Royce) along with a number other Tier 2 Suppliers who were previously down selected via a Pre-Qualification Questionnaire (PQQ) exercise to participate as Core Companies in the Pilot arrangements.

The need for this type of construct arrangement originally arose due to shortage of technical Subject matter Experts (SMEs) and Submarine Suitably Qualified and Experienced Personnel (SM SQEP) in the MOD. With the need for MOD to retain its informed customer status in order to maintain sovereign capabilities and to discharge it’s Approving Authority duties across all stages of the CADMID cycle the following roles for work have been developed:

  1. Providing through-life technical support to the SMOC in its Intelligent Customer role so that MOD can make appropriate choices and decisions on material presented by its Submarine Supply Chain across all stages of the submarine project life cycle (pre-concept, concept, detailed design, build, support and disposal phases). This includes supporting the SMOC as the Safety Duty Holder, Design Approving Authority and other technical responsibilities as identified within the Design Management Arrangements agreed between MOD and the Tier 1 companies.
  2. Undertaking pre-concept and concept phase whole boat design and technical studies in support of the MOD fulfilling its responsibilities as identified within the relevant Design Management Arrangements. This role includes the embodiment of new technology into existing platforms.
  3. Supporting the MOD in undertaking through-life technology management studies. Such work includes: assisting the Submarine Technology Management (STeM) Cell in developing, implementing and managing the technology roadmap; dealing with emerging technical issues in current platforms; and technical support to Technology Demonstration Programmes (TDPs).

The purpose of this Industry Day is to engage with all potential Tier 2 suppliers including the existing Tier 1s to provide an update on the success of the current arrangements, brief the way forward on the proposed Enduring arrangements; associated Roles and potential Work Packages, promote the required Collaborative Working between MOD and Core Companies and achieve the widest engagement with the Submarine Enterprise Supply Chain.

Industry Day Information

  • Date: Thursday 13th October 2016
  • Time: 12:00hrs – 1700hrs
  • Venue: Room 101, NH1 Atrium

MOD Abbeywood


Bristol, BS34 8JH

  • Agenda to be provided on the day.

Please note that only up to a maximum of 40 attendees can be accommodated in the venue and therefore places will be limited to 1 individual per company unless extra space is available, therefore please provide details of up to a maximum of two attendees with your preferred single attendant. Consequently, Suppliers are encouraged to register their interest in this event as early as possible to secure their attendance. Requests to attend the Industry Day must be received from your company e-mail address and should be forwarded to the following MOD

e-mail address DESSMIS-SUSM-Rosyth-Cmrcl-NDP@mod.uk. Requests must be received no later than Thursday 6th October 2016.

Copies of any materials, presentations and subsequent arising Questions and Answers will be distributed after the Industry Day Event to all Suppliers who attended, and to any other Suppliers who expressed an interest but were unable to attend the Event.

Suppliers should note that that participation in an Industry Day is entirely voluntary and the Authority will not bear any associated costs. There is no commitment on the part of the Authority to enter into any binding contractual arrangement following engagement with Suppliers through the Industry Day. Neither attendance at the Industry Day nor submission of responses to the Authority

will be taken into consideration in any future competitive tendering process, which, if initiated at all, will be subject to the Defence and Security Public Contract Regulations 2011.



Stakeholder event ahead of the forthcoming tender for the disposal of vehicles and vehicles spares

20 September 2016

MOD Bicester- UK

Event managed by

MOD Disposal Services Authority (DSA)

Email request to attend or request further details to: DESDSA-mst1a1@mod.uk

Pre-registration (no later than 17.00, 16th September 2016) is essential – to access the site.

Date, time and location

10.00 to 13.00 Tuesday 20th September 2016

Bldg D3, D Site,

MOD Bicester

OX25 2LD.

Attendees will also be offered an individual follow-up meeting on either 26th September 2016 or 29th September 2016 to raise any specific questions or make observations about the DSAs approach to managing the tender process.

These follow-up meetings will be held in Building H9, site H, Lower Arncott, Bicester, OX25 2LD.

Event description

The DSA will shortly be issuing a tender (published in OJEU) for the disposal of vehicles and vehicles spares.

The purpose of the stakeholder day is:

  • To advise potential bidders of technical requirements – the scope and scale of requirements, vehicle types, indicative historical numbers and processes that are used to identify and manage vehicles for disposal.
  • To advise potential bidders of the tender process and indicative timescales.
  • To engage with a range of potential bidders to understand the business models employed across the disposals industry for sale, refurbishment and marketing of assets, to inform the Authority’s approach to market for the contract.


The stakeholder event forms no part of the tender evaluation process, and no element of the day is in any way ‘assessed’. It is not necessary to attend the event to participate in the tender process and all presentations and other materials provided on the day will be made available to all organisations at commencement of the tender process, along with written copies of questions and answers that arise on the day.

Defence Learning Management Capability – Industry Engagement Days

“The Defence Learning Management Capability will enable Defence to analyse, design, deliver, assure and govern policy compliant Training and Education using a modern, sustainable suite of information services.”

Defence Learning Management Capability (DLMC) is a Ministry of Defence programme for the modernisation of the provision of Training and Education (T&E) services, utilising solutions that will enable defence to reduce operational and financial risk by ensuring personnel are equipped with the right knowledge, skills and experience for any given task. DLMC will provide a richer picture of T&E; assessed performance and training requirements will be informed by historic cost and effectiveness data, optimising the efficient use of scarce resources.

Preliminary programme activity by the Department has produced a set of key and derived business service requirements and an architectural design blueprint for DLMC services. We would like to share with industry our vision for DLMC at an Industry Day on 19 September, to start a process of engagement to enable us to share our intent.

As such, we would like to invite interested organisations to attend a series of two Industry Days; the first one will take place on 19 September at the techUK premises at 10 St Bride Street, LONDON EC4A 4AD.

Industry Day two will take place on 17 October, where organisations will be able to present potential solutions to meet the DLMC vision.

The core of our vision includes:

Better Informed Defence Training

A single Training Management System / Learning Management System (TMS/LMS) that better supports the delivery of T&E for defence, enabling the efficient management of learning records required to develop business intelligence. This is part of the broader vision for defence T&E, which delivers a better T&E experience for those engaged in both the provision and consumption of defence T&E, by exploiting the capabilities of modern learning technology.

Digital Training & Education Services

An underpinning principle for the proposed delivery of DLMC capability is a coherent set of digital T&E business services, utilising where appropriate Government off the Shelf (GOTS) and Commercial off the Shelf (COTS) solutions, that are ‘evergreen’ in operation and open standards compliant. Business services are intended to be operated on MOD containerised ‘platform-as-a-service’ hosting and to be browser accessible to ensure the solution will work for any end user device.

Industry Days:

Day One

  • 95 minute presentation of the DLMC vision from the Authority
  • 30 minutes for Questions and Answers
  • Attending organisations will be invited to respond, in writing, to the Authority, either as a single organisation or collaboratively
  • Industry responses will be reviewed and evaluated, and will help contribute to a refinement of the DLMC vision

Day Two

  • It is envisaged that the format of the second day will be the opportunity for organisations to make presentations to the Authority for potential solutions to meet the DLMC vision.

Registrations of Interest:

To register your interest in this process and to book a place on the first industry day, you will need to contact techUK – Web: www.techuk.org, Tel: 020 7331 2000.

You are limited to two representatives per organisation. As the number of places is limited, attendees at the first Industry Day will be given first refusal for attending remaining sessions.

Suppliers should note that participation in an Industry Day is entirely voluntary and the Authority will not bear any associated costs. There is no commitment on the part of the Authority to enter into any binding contractual arrangement following engagement with suppliers through the Industry Days. Neither attendance at any of the Industry Days nor submission of responses to the Authority will be taken into consideration in any future competitive tendering process, which, if initiated at all, will be subject to the Public Contracts Regulations 2015.

Suppliers should also note that they may be required to enter into suitable confidentiality undertakings in order to receive sensitive information.