TRINITY project “Broadband in the Battlespace” – Market Engagement Day

16 May 2018 – MOD Corsham.

The purpose of this notice is to inform the Government & Defence Communications Information Systems (CIS) market of the TRINITY project’s Market Engagement Day which the Ministry of Defence (MOD) will host on 16 May 2018. The MOD is interested in seeking Potential Suppliers’ views on the current thinking behind the TRINITY requirement and on how this might best be met. The session will provide Potential Suppliers with background and detail on the TRINITY project, provide Potential Suppliers with the opportunity to ask questions, network & engage with other industry suppliers of direct and supporting services as well as to further inform the Authority’s thinking.



The BATCIS Delivery Team manages a diverse range of Battlefield Communication and Information System capabilities for defence. The bulk of these capabilities are part of the Land Equipment Tactical Communication Information Systems (LE TacCIS) programme.

Under the LE TacCIS programme, the TRINITY Project Team is developing the requirements for a system integrator, system design, equipment supply and support provision for a new Wide Area Network (WAN) capability for the Battlespace by 2020 – “Broadband in the Battlespace”.

A Market Engagement Day to set out the scope of the requirement will be held from 08:45 on Wednesday 16 May 2018 at MOD Corsham, the ISS Conference Centre, Corsham, Wiltshire. Sat Nav postcode SN13 9ET.The team are considering various commercial and business approaches to deliver the requirement and would welcome industry feedback.

It should be noted that in the instance of significant interest in this requirement it may be necessary to restrict attendees per supplier to 1 or 2 representatives only. Therefore, please ensure that the most appropriate representatives from your organisation are put forward to attend the event.


Specific Details of the Event

The day will involve TRINITY presentations from the Authority, Cross supplier / attendee group exercises to workshop approaches to market in order to inform options available to the MOD. These activities will in part contribute to a report on business model concept viability.

Outputs from the industry day will be made available to all suppliers who registered an interest and/or attended the industry day. There will be further opportunity for industry to comment/provide feedback prior to release of the final report.

To guarantee openness and transparency, all outputs/reports associated with the Market Engagement Day will be provided as part of a prospective tender documentation pack, therefore no technical, financial, or commercially sensitive information should be included in supplier’s submissions on the day or to the website.


Event Registration

Suppliers wishing to register their interest in attending and participating in the Market Engagement Day, should do so by visiting the following URL to register on our AWARD portal. (Note. Please enter N/A in the team name field when registering).

Once registered, click on the Trinity Market Engagement portal and within the documents tab you will see the event booking form and supporting documents.

If your organisation would like to attend the day, simply download the booking form, enter the details of up to 4 representatives, and upload to the Booking Form Returns folder within the portal.

Any party experiencing any problems with accessing the site should contact:

In order to complete the necessary security & domestic arrangements all suppliers interested in attending the day must be registered by 17:00 on Monday 30th April.

MOD will not be liable to reimburse any costs incurred by any parties who respond to this notice or register any interest on the Portal.


Colonel Al Long, Deputy Head (AS) of the Intelligence Systems Team within ISS, MOD Joint Forces Command, will host an Industry Briefing on 11 April 2018 at Shrivenham, Swindon.

Aim:  To inform Industry of the upcoming opportunities to tender for the provision of services into MOD, to meet their requirements in the Above Secret (AS) Domain.

Context:  Current contracting arrangements for MOD’s largest TSUKEO IT system expire on 31 March 2020. MOD plans to run a competition for a new supplier to take on the existing ‘Run and Support’ Services and then undertake a programme of:

  • Obsolescence management.
  • Capability enhancement.
  • Rationalisation of other capabilities into the System.
  • Service delamination.


It is anticipated that the new contract would be let by September 2019, in order to allow a six month mobilisation and transition period. It is expected that the total contract value will be between £100m and £400m.


Format:  Presenters will brief on various aspects of the programme and will be available for a Q&A session at the end. Attendees should be in the presentation venue by 1330hrs, to allow prompt start at 1400hrs. It is anticipated that the briefing will finish by 1600hrs.


Attendees:  The event is open to both current and potential industry partners. Companies will be limited to a maximum of two representatives.


Applications:  Via e-mail to: by no later than Tuesday 3 April 2018. Successful applicants will be informed by email by Friday 6 April 2018.


Applications must include:


  • The company name.
  • The representative’s:
  • Full name.
  • Date of Birth.
  • DV clearance details.
  • A contact email and phone number.


Security Clearance: Attendees must be cleared to DV and be Single UK Nationals.

Venue: Defence Academy, Faringdon Rd, Shrivenham, Swindon SN6 8LA (a map and exact details will accompany confirmed invitations).

Refreshments:  Limited hot drink facilities will be available on-site.

Security: Please allow at least 30 minutes to clear security at the MOD Shrivenham Reception. Photographic ID (driving licence or passport) will be required on the day to gain entry to Shrivenham.


The SKYNET 6 project team has established an information sharing environment to share information at OFFICIAL and, by exception, at OFFICIAL SENSITIVE, with industry in advance of SKYNET 6 entering competitive procurements.

Defence Share is the approved, and accredited platform that will host this environment with access to Defence Share controlled by the project team.

Suppliers who wish to access Defence Share should contact the project team via the details below for further guidance:

The project team look forward to engaging with industry and utilising the functionality of Defence Share as an information sharing tool.

MOD Land Systems Reference Centre (LSRC) – Contract Renewal

The purpose of this announcement is to inform the market of an MOD contract notice on Defence Contracts Online. This notice will be available on or shortly after 13 February 2018.



The Ministry of Defence (MOD) has a requirement for an external supplier to provide services to enable the operation of a test and reference facility. This facility supports MOD operations worldwide. The services required will primarily be delivered within the Land Systems Reference Centre (LSRC), Blandford Camp, Dorset.

The LSRC is a purpose-built test facility that entered service in 2000 and is currently managed through a Combined In-Service Facilities Management, Operations, Upgrades and Support (CIFMOUS) contract. It provides the MOD’s through-life ‘System of Systems’ Test & Reference service through an appropriate test, integration and transition capability that assures release packages for introduction onto the Defence Network and in support of operations and exercises.

The LSRC has the capability to test applications and application upgrades on reference systems to assess their impact on other applications and the network as well as the network’s impact on the application. LSRC testing is integral to the Defence ICT service release and assurance process prior to the Release & Deployment of new or updated infrastructure, hardware and application software, and the assessment of how these capabilities perform and behave on a representation of the full operational environment.


The supplier will provide a number of flexible services, operating under an appropriate quality management system. These will provide a range of functions covering:

  • Testing Services: Test definition, execution and management using authority provided tools and equipment; testing services support Release & Deployment, Application Characterisation, Mission Rehearsal, In-Service Support, Interoperability and Integration Testing, Consultancy, Bespoke and Off-Site Testing.
  • Service Management: Governance & General Administration, Information Security, Confidentiality & Management, Configuration Management & Maintenance of Technical Documentation, Training, Training Support & Technical Advice, Financial Management & Continual Service Improvement, Resource Management, Change Management, Support Management.
  • Hard Facilities Management: Property-related services including Building Structure & Fabric, Indoor Climate & Utilities, Outdoor Equipment & Utilities. User-related services including Fixtures & Fittings.
  • Soft Facilities Management: Property-related services including Grounds & Landscaping, Cleaning & Waste. User-related services including Management of Site Services, Security, Safety, Health, Environmental & Fire.



This procurement is exempt from the application of the Public Contracts Regulations 2015 (PCR) and the Defence and Security Public Contracts Regulations 2011 (DSPCR) pursuant to Regulation 7(1)(a) of the DSPCR and Article 346(1)(a) of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union, in order to protect UK essential security interests. The obligations, rights and remedies under the PCR and/or DSPCR therefore do not apply to this procurement.


Accordingly, participation in the procurement is also subject to certain security requirements, and interested suppliers must request and complete a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) before gaining access to the PQQ and more information about the requirement. Further detail regarding the NDA, and the security standards suppliers and their personnel will be expected to meet, is contained within the Contract Notice.


Further information about this opportunity and the process to follow is contained within the Contract Notice.

UK Industry Export Control Forum

UK Industry Export Control Forum – 6 JUNE 2018 – LONDON

The Export Group for Aerospace, Defence & Dual-Use (EGADD) will be seeking to complement the existing UK Export Control Forum, as well as the highly valued training courses which are organised by the Export Control Joint Unit, by holding a one-day supporting event for the benefit of those individuals and companies who have not been able to attend any of the Forums that have taken place.

Subjects to be covered include: Policy – criteria, quad, sanctions, Brexit; What is controlled – control list, checker tools, end-use; Licences available – SIELs, OIELs, OGELs, EUGEAs, OGTCLS, transhipment, Crown Exemption; How to get them – SPIRE/LITE, what is needed for a good application, MOD F680; What to do when you get them – CHIEF, CITEX, C88; Compliance Brief advice on other countries; and Case Studies in workshops.

The target audience for this event is practitioners from beginners to intermediate. To register your interest, contact

Royal Air Force Business Modernisation

The Royal Air Force has established a Programme to identify opportunities across the RAF to improve and modernise our structures, systems and processes in order to enhance our ability to generate Air Power outputs within the resources available.

The Programme Team is looking critically at how our UK RAF Stations operate, examining the roles of military and civilian colleagues and, to some extent, how we work with contractors; with a particular emphasis on opportunities for innovation, business modernisation and digitisation.

Some of the Options developed by the Programme Team and taken forward for the consideration by the RAF Senior Commanders are expected to include opportunities for Industry providers.

To help shape our thinking in this area, companies of all types and sizes are invited to submit proposals and ideas.  In particular, the Team would be interested in:

  • Innovative solutions to service delivery at RAF Stations;
  • What you can offer by way of services and/or products;
  • Your company experience in service/product delivery;
  • Your experiences of similar transformation (with brief case studies); and
  • Contacts you have within Industry you can direct us to for benchmarking.


After reviewing submissions, the Programme Team may invite companies to 1:1 meetings to clarify or elaborate on their proposals.

This is a great opportunity to contribute to a positive transformation of the way the RAF operates; removing waste, improving efficiency, and exploiting modern technology and innovation.


  • Proposals are to be submitted by 9 March 2018;
  • At this stage the Programme Team are looking for concise overviews of your ideas and proposal, genuine ideas for the transformation of the RAF (not generic marketing material), which are consequently to be limited to 2,000 words per company;
  • Companies should not presume that the submission of a proposal will necessarily result in an invitation to a 1:1 meeting with the Programme Team;
  • It should not be construed or inferred from this invitation or the submission of any proposal that it will result in any commitment by or order from the Authority;
  • The Programme Team reserves the right to use and adapt the information submitted without any further reference to the company which provided the information; unless the company identifies a specific element which is commercially sensitive, which may then be subject to further discussion.


The point of contact for all queries and submissions is:


Anna Gibbs

SSP Commercial


ISS SKYNET 6 Service Delivery Wrap – Industry Day

ISS SKYNET 6 Service Delivery Wrap – Industry Day 


The Ministry of Defence (MOD), Information Systems and Services (ISS), SKYNET 6 Service Delivery Wrap (SK6 SDW) team are to hold a briefing session to provide industry with an update on the SDW Assessment Phase.

Currently, the services are provided through the SKYNET 5 Private Finance Initiative (PFI) until 31 August 2022. The follow-on SDW Service Delivery contract will provision for the sustainment and continuity of user experience of these services – and additionally incorporate the SK6A single spacecraft – until SK6 Enduring Capability (SK6EC) delivers.

The Industry Day will take place at the Westminster Conference Centre in London on 23 February 2018, 10:00 to 13:00.

Any organisation wishing to participate in this Industry Day should respond to the ISS SKYNET 6 SDW team via the following email address: by 16:00 on 9 February 2018. Please note we require responses through your company email address only; responses via personal email addresses will not be accepted. Responses should include the names and positions of the proposed attendees. Organisations attending will be limited to a maximum of 2 representatives; however, if the event is oversubscribed the available places will be limited to 1 per organisation. The Authority will release an agenda and timings w/c 12 February 2018. The classification of this event will not exceed OFFICIAL-SENSITIVE. There will be an opportunity for questions. All questions and responses will be recorded and made available to attendees.

There is no commitment on the part of the Authority to enter into any binding contractual arrangement(s) following engagement with suppliers through this Industry Day. Suppliers should note that participation in the Industry Day is entirely voluntary and the Authority will not bear any associated costs.

Collective Training Transformation Programme Industry Day

23 January 2018 – Tidworth Garrison Theatre or RMA Sandhurst (TBC)

Following the announcement at DSEI of the launch of the Collective Training Transformation Programme (CTTP) by Major General Hyams and Industry Day 1 held on 19 October 2017, we would like to invite you to the second in a series of three discrete industry days.

Collective Training Transformation Programme is the Army’s methodology of moving towards the Future Collective Training System.

This training system may provide:

  • More combined-arms activity earlier in the collective training progression.
  • More frequent complex training using modernised urban training facilities and capabilities.
  • Increased use of instrumentation earlier in the collective training progression.
  • Additional and more frequent low-level training to address skill-fade and churn.
  • Expeditionary overseas training to better meet Defence demands.
  • Increased use of live, virtual and constructive simulation capabilities.


The Industry Day will include:

  • A brief on the scope and constituent parts of CTTP.
  • An explanation of the outcomes, benefits and macro timeline.
  • A workshop on the opportunities associated with a deeper relationship with Industry.


The event will take place between 1030 and 1600 on Tuesday 23 January 2018 at Tidworth Garrison Theatre or RMA Sandhurst (to be confirmed).


Register your attendance

Please confirm your intention to attend no later than 1200 on 12 January 2018 with the Company Name, Title, First Name, Surname and Nationality of a representative you would wish to attend to:

Mr Keith Garsden


Tel: 030 679 32769

Survey – MOD Standardised Contracting Templates

As a Commercial Graduate currently on the Defence Commercial Graduate Programme. I have the opportunity to complete level 5 and 6 CIPS which will lead to an MCIPS qualification. As part of the MCIPS qualification, we have been given the opportunity to complete a dissertation.

The intended Dissertation is to be titled: ‘A review of Standardised Contracting Template 2 (SC2) in the Ministry of Defence’. The focus is on whether the template is simple and effective for MOD employees and Industry, (in particular SMEs) to use.

Standardised Contracting is a contracting method which uses templates of non-negotiable narrative terms and conditions developed in consultation with MOD Central Legal Services (CLS) and Industry. Template 2 (SC2) is used for the Supply of Goods and the Supply of Goods and Services below £20M (ex VAT).

As part of this, I am conducting some primary research, beginning with a survey. The survey has up to 9 questions and should only take 10 minutes of your time to complete. Please answer as fully as you can.

The survey will be accessible until COP Friday 19th January.

I would also appreciate it if you could pass on this questionnaire to any other staff engaging or have engaged with SC2 that would fill the questionnaire out. Simply send the same link below to provide access.

The questionnaire submissions will all be recorded as ‘anonymous’ in the dissertation with just the relevant positions and the Industry that you currently belong to being mentioned. e.g. Commercial Manager, Company X

Please ensure that no information considered sensitive is used in your responses.

Start Survey

Queen welcomes Royal Navy’s largest ever ship into the fleet

The Queen spoke at a ceremony in Portsmouth’s naval base this morning, attended by Her Royal Highness Princess Anne, Defence Secretary Gavin Williamson, Chancellor Philip Hammond and military chiefs.

In her role as the ship’s Lady Sponsor Her Majesty addressed guests before the Ship’s Commanding Officer, Captain Jerry Kyd, read the commissioning warrant. The iconic White Ensign was then raised, symbolising the commissioning of the nation’s future flagship into the Royal Navy’s fleet.

Defence Secretary Gavin Williamson said:

Today marks the start of a hugely significant chapter for the Royal Navy, and indeed the nation, as the future flagship is commissioned into Her Majesty’s fleet. It is an honour to witness the crowning moment of an extraordinarily busy year for the Royal Navy that has seen us name the second carrier, HMS Prince of Wales, cut steel on the first Type 26 frigates and launch the National Shipbuilding Strategy.

Our new aircraft carrier is the epitome of British design and dexterity, at the core of our efforts to build an Armed Forces fit for the future. For the next half a century both carriers will advance our interests around the globe, providing the most visible symbol of our intent and commitment to protect the UK from intensifying threats, wherever they may come from.

Having successfully completed her second stage of sea trials off the south coast of England, the carrier is back alongside at her home port of Portsmouth. Over 10,000 people across the UK have contributed to the delivery of the ship under the Aircraft Carrier Alliance.

Completing final build activity and preparing for helicopter trials in the New Year, HMS Queen Elizabeth will head to the United States for initial flight trials off the coast in autumn 2018. There are currently 150 Royal Navy and RAF personnel training in the US on our 13 F-35 jets.

The UK has worked closely on both the F-35 and carrier programmes with the US, our pre-eminent partner within NATO, enabling us to fly aircraft from each other’s ships. Both of the UK’s new carriers will be able to operate alongside NATO and coalition allies.

Admiral Sir Philip Jones, First Sea Lord and Chief of Naval Staff, said:

In hoisting the White Ensign from HMS Queen Elizabeth today, Britain has confirmed her place among the world’s great maritime powers in the most majestic and muscular terms.

The Queen Elizabeth-class carriers will sit at the heart of a modernised and emboldened Royal Navy, capable of projecting power and influence at sea, in the air, over the land and in cyberspace, and offering our nation military and political choice in an uncertain world.

But our greatest strength of all is the young sailors and marines upon whose shoulders our continued security and prosperity rests. They are starting their careers as a new chapter opens for the Royal Navy – and like all those who have gone before them, they are ready to serve their Queen and Country.

Her Royal Highness Princess Anne also attended the commissioning ceremony. Crown Copyright.
Her Royal Highness Princess Anne also attended the commissioning ceremony. Crown Copyright.

Both new aircraft carriers will be able to perform a wide range of tasks, from humanitarian and disaster relief to fighting terrorism and high-end warfighting. In what has been termed, ‘the Year of the Royal Navy’ the second carrier, HMS Prince of Wales, was named in Rosyth and is structurally complete.

This year the Royal Navy has also had steel cut on the first of the Type 26 frigates and Dreadnought submarines, the launch of the National Shipbuilding Strategy, provisioning for a new class of frigate, the Type 31e, float out of the fourth Astute submarine, HMS Audacious, the naming of two Offshore Patrol Vessels and the arrival of our first two MARS Tankers in the UK.

Last month the Defence Secretary visited HMS Queen Elizabeth for the first time while at sea, meeting the crew and thanking them for their work towards UK defence.

Chief of the Air Staff, Air Chief Marshal Sir Stephen Hillier, said:

Congratulations from the Royal Air Force to the Royal Navy on achieving another important milestone in the UK’s Carrier Strike capability. I know the RAF and RN F-35 crews are looking forward to starting to fly from HMS Queen Elizabeth next year.