Cyber Reserves join the UK Armed Forces fight against cyber attacks

Reserves Day

An elite force of UK Armed Forces Cyber Reserves has joined the fight against cyber terrorism.

Due to the rise in cyber attacks, the Ministry of Defence has been hunting for gamers and amateur coders to become cyber Reserves.

The MOD has seen a huge increase in applications for these positions and has created an elite force of specialists that can help protect the UK with their specialist cyber skills.


Reserves Day

On 27 June Defence Secretary Gavin Williamson spoke at the Reserves Day reception in the House of Commons. He said that

“Reservists play a vital role in our Armed Forces, bringing a huge range of experiences and skills to the defence of our country.

“As the threats, we face intensify we need to attract the brightest and the best from all walks of life as part of a modern military.”

Mr Williamson has called for more specialists to join the Reserves. The MOD has requested that engineers, chefs, media operations and electricians sign up to join the UK Armed Forces as Reservists.


What are Cyber Reserves?

The Government has been investing in cyber security since 2013 when the Joint Forces Cyber Group was created. The Joint Cyber Reserve is a branch of the Reserve forces set up to help the UK protect its national security by defeating cyber attacks and other forms of online espionage. Candidates are chosen on the basis of  their technical knowledge, skills and experience.


Cyber security – protect your business

The UK Government is  investing heavily in cyber security and if you want to become a supplier to the MOD it is vital that you can promote your business as cyber secure.

DEFCON 658 is an official MOD policy, which states that all defence suppliers bidding for new MOD contracts (that include the transfer of ‘MOD identifiable information’) should possess Cyber Essentials certification before contract award or be able to show progress with cyber in time for the contract to begin.

This certification is government-backed and is supported by the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC).


Cyber Essentials

Having Cyber Essentials certification will allow your business to comply with government standards, protect your business against 80% of cyber attacks and promote your services as cyber safe – something that incredibly important to the MOD in the current climate.

Learn more about cyber security in the Cyber Essentials section of our website.