How to get started with MOD procurement

get started with MOD procurement


Businesses across the UK want to work with the MOD because of the volume of procurement opportunities the Ministry has to offer.

As UK industry’s single largest customer, the MOD works with businesses of all sizes, purchasing everything from military fighting vehicles to facilities management services.

If your business wants to get involved with MOD procurement, find out more below.


Defence Contracts Online

Our portal should be the first point of call for all businesses looking for MOD procurement opportunities.

It is free to register for Defence Contracts Online. Users who register can opt in to receive daily MOD contract alerts. Businesses can tailor their profile so that they only receive MOD procurement alerts that are suited to their business area.

DCO Webinars

Take thirty minutes out of your day to learn how to “Create a Winning Alert Profile”. Whether you are already a DCO user or are just getting started with MOD procurement, this session will teach you how to use MOD DCO to its full advantage.

Our defence experts will help your business to select the right keywords and CPV codes, increasing your chances of winning MOD procurement opportunities.

The next event will take place on 7 August 2018 – register for free now.


MOD Guide to Defence and Security

This publication gives suppliers an insight into key trends within the defence market and updated contact details for MOD procurement decision makers.

It contains everything a defence supplier needs to get started, including guidance on how to engage in defence procurement and key contact details from across all the major defence bodies.

The 2018 edition can be purchased online now for £75.


Register for free to DCO

If you are not currently registered to DCO, then start accessing MOD published contracts for free today. The UK defence budget currently sits at 2% of GDP (£40 billion). As the official source of MOD contracts, we give our users access to MOD procurement opportunities valued at £10,000 and over.


Join Defence Contracts Online now and get started with MOD procurement.