How to Win New Defence and Civil Business

win MOD contracts with DCO


Are you currently bidding for work with the Ministry of Defence and would like to improve your approach? DCO and DCI hold regular WebClinics that give defence suppliers an opportunity to interact with defence procurement experts and learn how to prosper in this lucrative marketplace.

The next event is Defence Contracts International’s WebClinic “How to Find and Win New Defence and Civil Business”, which will take place on 16 October.


Defence and security marketplace

UK defence and security organisations work with a range of suppliers. The MOD alone spends up to £20 billion on the procurement of goods and services with industry each year.

The Defence Equipment Plan has already set out what will be spent over the next decade, and security is one aspect of that.

During the How to Win New Defence and Civil Business webinar, a defence procurement expert will provide an overview of the wider defence and security marketplace. Attendees will also be given the opportunity to ask any questions they have about the marketplace at the end of the session.


Improving your approach

There are many ways you can improve your approach to finding MOD and other public sector contracts – this will also be covered during the session.

Whether you are new to procurement and need to sign up for free DCO contract alerts or want to engage earlier with defence buyers and are unsure how to – our defence expert will discuss a number of options that will improve your approach.


Free Registration

Would you like to find opportunities within the defence, security, and counter-terrorism related projects?

Discover “How to Win New Defence and Civil Business” during the next DCI webinar. This session will take place on 16 October at 11 am and is free to attend.