Making the most of your DCO Alert Profile

Is your business doing everything it can to win MOD contracts? Supplying to the defence market can be competitive; however, there are many things your business can do to improve its chances of winning.

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Contract Alerts

Setting up a contract alerts profile is one of the most basic things a defence supplier can do to find MOD contracts that are relevant to the products, services and solutions it provides.

Adding specific keywords to your supplier profile will ensure that your business receives relevant contract alerts. Refreshing these keywords and performing competitor analysis will only enhance your supplier profile; this should be done regularly to guarantee that your business is not missing out on any MOD or defence contracts that are a match.

Register for the MOD DCO WebClinic

Understanding the defence market is incredibly important when it comes to successfully bidding for tenders. It is recommended that defence suppliers keep up to date with the latest defence news on the DCO blog and during DCO webinar sessions.

The next event will be held on 2 October and will give guidance on how to “Create a Winning Alert Profile”. During this session, a defence expert will talk users through the following:

  • Choosing keywords and selecting CPV codes
  • Understanding MOD contracts
  • How to get the most and benefit fully from MOD DCO
  • Opportunities for your business in the wider defence and public sector marketplace


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DCO Helpdesk

If you are not already a DCO user, registration is completely free. Registered users not only receive contract alerts but can search for contract opportunities 24/7.

To make the most of your subscription, contact the DCO Helpdesk for guidance on selecting the right keywords and CPV codes for your business.

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