Supplier engagement event hopes to encourage Welsh suppliers to work with the MOD

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The ‘BOXER – Supplier Engagement Event’ to be held in South Wales this September aims to connect companies and organisations across the nation that are involved in the UK’s lucrative defence supply chain.

Secretary of State for Wales, Alun Cairns, said:

“The Artec industry day provides a significant opportunity for Welsh businesses to capitalise on the supply chain opportunities presented by the Boxer programme and the wider defence sector.”

Find out more about the latest MOD procurement opportunity below.

Wales and UK defence

Wales benefits from Ministry of Defence expenditure to the tune of £300 per person, per year.

In a government statement promoting the Boxer event, Minister for Defence Procurement Stuart Andrew noted the key role Wales plays in the UK’s defence strategy:

“We spent £945m with Welsh businesses last year, supporting over 6000 jobs, as the industry continues to thrive.”


Artec industry day

Mr Cairns is leading the clarion call for Welsh businesses and organisations to register for the Artec industry event at the University of Wales’ Treforest Campus on 10 September. He believes that suppliers will gain additional credentials that will help their business break into the defence market.

Supplier engagement events are an excellent opportunity for businesses to learn more about the defence sector. David Pile, Sales and Business Development Director at Rheinmetall Defence UK, plans to develop his supply network at the event.

Mr Pile has noted that Artec, Rheinmetall and KMW are all looking forward to meeting new contacts at the event:

“The organisations recognise the level and diversity of capability, skills and know-how within the UK supply chain, and look forward to meeting many more organisations that we can work with to deliver the best solutions to the British Armed Forces.”


Find out more about defence procurement

The MOD holds industry days across the UK. The purpose of these events is to allow suppliers to engage with buyers before the formal procurement process begins.

Suppliers can ask questions face to face at this type of event, helping them to understand buyer requirements in depth.


If you would like to find out more about MOD procurement or MOD industry days, follow the link; or to sign up to the BOXER – Supplier Engagement Event industry day, click here.