Survey – MOD Standardised Contracting Templates

As a Commercial Graduate currently on the Defence Commercial Graduate Programme. I have the opportunity to complete level 5 and 6 CIPS which will lead to an MCIPS qualification. As part of the MCIPS qualification, we have been given the opportunity to complete a dissertation.

The intended Dissertation is to be titled: ‘A review of Standardised Contracting Template 2 (SC2) in the Ministry of Defence’. The focus is on whether the template is simple and effective for MOD employees and Industry, (in particular SMEs) to use.

Standardised Contracting is a contracting method which uses templates of non-negotiable narrative terms and conditions developed in consultation with MOD Central Legal Services (CLS) and Industry. Template 2 (SC2) is used for the Supply of Goods and the Supply of Goods and Services below £20M (ex VAT).

As part of this, I am conducting some primary research, beginning with a survey. The survey has up to 9 questions and should only take 10 minutes of your time to complete. Please answer as fully as you can.

The survey will be accessible until COP Friday 19th January.

I would also appreciate it if you could pass on this questionnaire to any other staff engaging or have engaged with SC2 that would fill the questionnaire out. Simply send the same link below to provide access.

The questionnaire submissions will all be recorded as ‘anonymous’ in the dissertation with just the relevant positions and the Industry that you currently belong to being mentioned. e.g. Commercial Manager, Company X

Please ensure that no information considered sensitive is used in your responses.

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