The Defence Infrastructure Organisation’s response to COVID-19

The latest report from the Defence Infrastructure Organisation (DIO) has been launched.

Within the report DIO revealed that in 2019/20, the organisation managed £3.3bn of investment in the Defence Estate enabling those who work within defence to live work, train, and deploy.

The organisation’s response to the pandemic was also detailed. DIO states that the COVID-19 pandemic will have an impact on the organisation for many months to come.

The organisation’s Chief Executive Graham Dalton has said:

“We continue to meet the challenge with great agility,y keeping defence sites open and operating, safe, legal and secure; people accommodated and fed and supporting and responding to Military Aid to Civil Authorities (MACA) tasks across the Defence estate.”


The Defence Infrastructure Organisation

DIO is part of the  Ministry of Defence (MOD).

As the MOD owns a diverse estate measuring 220,000 hectares and holds rights over a further 204,000 hectares, DIO plays a vital role in supporting defence, providing the Armed Forces and their families with a fit-for-purpose estate that includes accommodation.

The DIO has revealed that in 2019/20 the organisation managed £3.3bn of investment in the Defence Estate, enabling those who work within defence to live work, train, and deploy.


COVID-19 response

In the latest report released by DIO, the organisation reveals that:

“Following the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic the Accommodation Team responded to a range of requirements including the freeze on assignments, continued maintenance and housing projects, repatriation of service families from overseas and regeneration of moves.”

DIO has been working with the Chief Information Office to improved technology provision and support the defence workforce during the pandemic.

CIO services have enabled the DIO workforce to work more flexibly, remotely and collaboratively and maintain DIO contribution to Defence Outputs during the COVID-19 response.

Within the report DIO states that in 2019/2020 3844 laptops were distributed, ensuring that 100% of DIO’s UK population have MODNet laptops, which supports continuity under the Covid-19 lockdown. 2361 mobile phones and 175 iPads were also deployed to support even greater mobility of the workforce.


How your organisation can help

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