The defence market does not end with the MOD

business_7557451XSmlSummary: Alison Campbell from Defence Contracts International (DCI) looks at the defence opportunities available to businesses beyond the UK Ministry of Defence.

The UK Ministry of Defence represents a huge market opportunity for any business – not just the big main players. From computers to catering, boots to batteries and sportswear to satellites, the MOD requires the services of businesses of all shapes and sizes.

However, the defence market does not end with the MOD. If your business can sell to the MOD, just think of the opportunities available to you throughout the entire defence industry, both in the UK and worldwide. Not only does the defence industry embrace the aerospace, aviation, counter terrorism, emergency services, homeland security and humanitarian aid sectors, but you could also sell to almost any defence ministry in the world as well as the UN and NATO. The opportunities are endless.

As a supplier you are situated in a very competitive environment so don’t limit yourself, branch out within the defence industry, geographically and to non-defence buyers. It’s the organisation that can supply its products and services across the marketplace that can and will place itself one step ahead of its competitors.

And why restrict yourself to just the defence and security industry when there are countless non-defence buyers out there crying out for your business? Just think – local government, central government, health, education, social housing and the third sector could all use your products and services, not to mention the numerous research councils and similar organisations worldwide.

If you are currently selling to the UK MOD there is no reason why you could not and should not be selling to any of the sectors above, from the UK to Europe to worldwide. The world really is your oyster as a defence supplier.

But how will you ever find out about all these opportunities? Do you start trawling the internet now? Employ a whole team of staff with industry, regional and tender experience? Start working 24/7?

Or why not allow your tailored contract opportunities to find you as they are published? Why not gain access to the largest tender database in Europe? And why not let an expert team of researchers do all the work for you? Now that would be good – and what’s more there is actually a product out there that does exactly that!

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