Train your way to success in defence

PASSlogo_newsletterSummary: Alison Campbell from Defence Contracts International looks at a new partnership between MOD Defence Contracts Online and the Procurement Advice and Support Service (PASS) to help develop deeper understanding of the issues facing suppliers looking to win business in the defence industry.

‘Knowledge is power’ is an old adage, but it can be especially true than when it comes to winning business in the defence marketplace. Whether it’s gaining early competitive advantage from knowing a sought-after MOD tender is coming up for renewal or simply knowing those little secrets that could help you pick up some extra points in your PPQ and push you through to the next tendering stage, no matter what you supply a little extra know-how can go a long way and mean all the difference between you and your competitors.

Winning that important tender is all about the intelligence you receive, and the best way to discover this information is to get fully immersed in the defence industry. When thinking of defence the first major buyer that springs to mind is the MOD, and understandably so. The MOD spends on average a massive £16 billion annually on goods, works and services, making it the single largest customer of UK industry. With the Government announcing it is on track to award 25% of central government business to small and medium-sized enterprises by 2015, there has never been a better time to make sure your business is involved in the defence sector.

Start by registering your business with the MOD’s official defence contract opportunities portal: MOD Defence Contracts Online (MOD DCO).MOD DCO delivers bespoke daily emails to around 20,000 businesses alerting them to MOD contract opportunities tailored to their business, while also keeping subscribers up to date with the latest MOD and defence procurement news. What’s more, MOD DCO is completely free – an essential service for any aspiring defence supplier looking to make their entrance into the defence market.

MOD DCO not only helps businesses find potential defence contract opportunities but also arms them with the knowledge they need to win those contracts. In partnership with PASS (Procurement Advice and Support Service), MOD DCO has designed a series of workshops to help businesses navigate their way through the public procurement process. These essential workshops take place on a regional basis and cover topics including ‘Passing the PQQ Stage’, ‘Your Rights to Information and Challenge’, ‘Guide to Effective Tendering’ and ‘Guide to Public Procurement’ – important information for any defence supplier.

From 1 January to 30 June 2013 the MOD published 1073 contract opportunities on MOD DCO – meaning there are many contracts waiting to be won. The information you need to increase your chances of winning during the tender process is readily available at the MOD DCO and PASS workshops – so what are you waiting for? Stop searching and start winning defence contracts today!