UK relationship with Ukraine strengthened by defence agreement

The UK’s relationship with Ukraine has been strengthened by the signing of a new defence agreement.

The agreement will last for 15 years. Areas covered include sharing information on potential threats, participation in joint exercises, training of Ukrainian Armed Forces (UAF) personnel and cooperation in the field of military equipment.

Separately the UK will look to expand the reach of its training support through ‘train the trainer’ activities. This will enable UAF personnel to pass on techniques taught by the UK’s Armed Forces.

In the past year, the UK has trained 2000 members of the UAF through courses on countering IEDs, operations in urban environments, medical care, logistics and operational planning. The UK has also gifted over £1 million worth of equipment to Ukraine.

Defence Secretary Michael Fallon MP said: “The UK will stand firm with Ukraine as they defend their territorial integrity. This new defence agreement sets out that commitment as we enhance our training of the Ukrainian Armed Forces.”