What DASA is doing to support the COVID-19 Response

The Defence and Security Accelerator (DASA) is a cross-body organisation established to help the UK Government access innovative ideas, equipment and services.

The organisation has played an integral part in the procurement of services required to tackle the Coronavirus pandemic. Gabriella Cox, DASA security competition lead, said:

“Innovation has never been more important as we play our part in the national effort against Coronavirus.”

Defence Contracts Online (DCO) is the official defence contracts portal for the Ministry of Defence – here DCO outlines DASA’s Coronavirus response.


Ambulance cleaning

At the end of March DASA announced that it was looking for partners that could supply rapid sanitising technology that would speed up the time it takes to clean ambulances, as it can take up to 45 minutes to clean an ambulance that has transported a patient suspected of having COVID-19.

The organisation announced at the end of April that more than 200 ideas were submitted in just seven days following the appeal.

DASA’s partner Dstl has so far seen good results from trials. Dstl scientist Steve Mitchell, who led the trials, has said:

“The trials have shown some really promising ideas ranging from fogging techniques, sprays, and using a decontaminant vapour to give a thorough and deep clean in the quickest time possible.”

Innovation fund

On the 8 April 2020 it was announced that DASA would launch a £1 million fund to fast-track innovation to aid the Armed Forces in the fight against Coronavirus, as the organisation wants to work with suppliers that can and support the national effort against Covid-19.

Director of Defence Innovation Clare Cameron said:

“Innovators and industry have stepped up to the plate with a remarkable response to the Coronavirus outbreak. This investment will unleash the power of innovation to rapidly help us in the national effort against Coronavirus.

“Coronavirus is not just a health emergency, but also one that affects many other aspects of the way we live. That is why £1 million has been allocated to launch this rapid response call today seeking the very best ideas from innovators.”

The first wave of applications closed on 15 April. However, DASA will continue to accept proposals after 15 April for consideration.


How your organisation can help

If you think your business might be able to help with the response to Coronavirus (COVID-19), register your details here.

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