Why is network security so important?

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The latest 2018 Thales Data Threat Report has revealed that the UK is the most breached country in Europe, with 37% of businesses across the UK being breached last year.

As UK businesses face a growing threat from cyber attacks, now is the time to invest in your business’s network security strategy.

Find out why network security is so important below.


What is network security?

Network security helps businesses to protect the usability and integrity of their network and data, as it covers both hardware and software technologies.

This type of security counters cyber threats like phishing scams and ransomware and can stop such threats from entering your business network.


Government’s 10 Steps to Cyber Security

It is vital that you are taking all measures possible to enforce network security within your business.

Network security is mentioned in the Government’s 10 Steps to Cyber Security, a guide which sets out a comprehensive risk management regime that organisations can follow to improve their cyber security.

The Government’s own Cyber Security Breaches Survey 2018 analysed the proportion of UK businesses undertaking action in each of the 10 Steps. The survey revealed that 89% have taken steps to introduce ‘network security – firewalls with appropriate configurations’.


Protect your business

Peter Galvin, Chief Strategy Officer at Thales eSecurity, has made several recommendations aimed at businesses that want to protect their data and improve their current cyber security strategy. He says:

“To stand the best chance of success against these advanced attacks, businesses need to dedicate the appropriate level of attention, budget and resource into safeguarding their sensitive data, wherever it happens to be created, shared or stored.”

There are many ways your business can do this, one of them being Cyber Essentials certification. Cyber Essentials certification will not only demonstrate that you have control of your company’s network security; it will help to protect your business from around 80% of common cyber attacks.


Cyber Essentials

Certification can be obtained from a range of Cyber Essentials providers; however, DCI offers three levels of certification:

If you would like to learn more, download a free Cyber Essentials Scheme Summary or visit DCI for full information on all of the packages mentioned above.