How to write a tender to win MOD contracts

how to write MOD tenders


What does it take to write a winning defence tender?

If you are interested in bidding for MOD contracts, let us take you through some of the dos and don’ts of defence tendering.

Getting started with tender writing for the MOD


  • Don’t be put off by the tender documentation. There are a number of training options available, that can help you to break down procurement jargon. Find out more about what we do and how the procurement process works here.


  • Try not to jump head first into the tendering process, but always double check that the information in the contract notice is entirely correct. Check with the buying authority that the tender procedure, legislation and estimated value are all correct.


  • If you plan to apply for contracts regularly, then prepare a database of all the basic information that is commonly requested during the defence tendering process. Make sure that you include insurance details, references and financial information.


  • The best thing your business can do is be clear on its pricing model. State any assumptions that have been made about the pricing (eg, resources required by your business and/or the awarding authority, timetables, etc) and be clear about what is included in the price (eg installation).


  • Meet the deadlines given. Your business must complete and return the tender documents by the given time and date. Before sending, double check that everything is signed. Keep in mind that any incomplete and/or late tenders will not be evaluated and will be returned.


  • Let the MOD know whether your business has Cyber Essentials certification or not. The MOD requires defence suppliers to have a Cyber Essentials certificate by the contract start date at the latest, and for it to be renewed annually.


  • Before you start writing, learn more about the defence market. Order the MOD Guide to Defence and Security 2018 and receive guidance on how to engage in defence procurement. This publication also includes key contact details from major defence bodies.


  • Always ask for feedback. Sometimes being unsuccessful is a good thing, especially if your business has more to learn about tendering. You are entitled to a debriefing that will help you to understand where you went wrong.


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