Common Support Model (Land) – Briefing Note

The Common Support Model (Land) programme has been jointly initiated by Director Support in Army HQ (Maj Gen Gaunt) and Director Land Equipment in DE&S (Maj Gen McClean) with the high-level intent of making clear ‘who does what and how’ across the support landscape (for land vehicles and weapon systems). In simple terms, the CSM(L) aims to codify the roles, responsibilities, and authorities of those involved in the ‘support’ business across the Army, DE&S and industry landscape. The programme will bring focus to what really matters across the support enterprise and will recommend immediate and longer-term change in an integrated and coherent manner. It will be fully aligned to the Defence Support Network (Transformation) Defence Support Operating Model and the DE&S Common Support Framework.

Director Support and Director Land Equipment joint vision for CSM(L) – “The Common Support Model (Land) will be an integrated, useable and clearly articulated operating model for Land platforms that will improve support across the operator-industry spectrum while delivering better VfM through life.”

A team has been appointed to conduct this work that will comprise of military, civil servants and contractors and will be led by Col Ian Gibson in the Army HQ and Col (for Brig) Anna-Lee Reilly in the DE&S. This team is energised to make rapid progress and will need to engage with a wide range of stakeholders to understand how we currently do business, capture it properly and then make recommendations for how to do it better.

For more information about the Common Support Model (Land) programme, including information on events you are able to get involved with, please email

UK classed in 6th position in global defence expenditure rankings

global defence rankings


Last year the UK sat in sixth position in global defence expenditure rankings, according to IISS. News from over the past few months has highlighted many of the areas that benefit from this spend.

Read more about some of the latest investments below.


Dreadnought Investment

In December 2018, UK Defence Secretary, Gavin Williamson announced the latest investment into the Dreadnought submarine programme.

£400 million has been allocated which will safeguard over 8,000 jobs in Barrow-in-Furness. This funding boost will support the development of a new academy that will upskill BAE employees to work on Royal Navy submarines over the next twenty years.



During the Autumn Budget announcement, Chancellor of the Exchequer Philip Hammond announced that a further £160 million has been allocated to fund counter-terrorism policing, putting UK security high on the government’s agenda.

“It is not only our Armed Forces that keep us safe.

Our counter-terrorism police play a vital role in defending Britain against the evolving threats we face.

We committed in 2015 to spend 30% more on counter-terrorism capabilities over the current Spending Review period.”


Cyber Security

The government is taking immediate steps to target cyber threats and  provided an additional £1 billion to the MOD covering the end of last year and this year.

Defence Secretary Gavin Williamson says that the extra funds will provide a “substantial financial boost” to the UK’s cyber defence:

“Not only will this funding ensure we continue to have world-leading Armed Forces but will also allow defence to modernise our critical assets, such as our offensive cyber capabilities, anti-submarine warfare, and our nuclear deterrent”


Increased Defence Budget

These latest investments in defence display the government’s ever-growing focus on defence and on protecting the public from terrorism.

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MOD partners with innovative firms to prepare for the “modern battlefield”

Millions of pounds have been allocated to defence firms to boost the MOD’s capability on the “modern battlefield.”

The MOD and Defence Growth Partnership (DGP) Innovation Challenge has invested over £10 million in cutting-edge technology like laser radars and Artificial Intelligence.


What is the Defence Growth Partnership (DGP)?

The Defence Growth Partnership allows the UK government to collaborate with leading companies from the UK defence industry.

The initiative was formed to meet the challenges of increased international competition for defence business.


Innovation Challenge Winners

Innovation Challenge winners will provide solutions to key strategic future demands for UK defence in autonomy and big data. Winners include:

  • Close Air Solutions with Project Hyper Real Immersion
  • QinetiQ’s Software Defined Multifunction LIDAR
  • Horiba Mira’s UGV Localisation and Perception using Deep Learning Neural Networks
  • Polaris’ Ants on Deck


QinetiQ has designed a solution with a range of high-tech capabilities. Moving forward, the MOD will have access to 3D imaging, optical communication and covert targeting thanks to the services QinetiQ provides.

Speaking about this investment Defence Minister Stuart Andrew said:

“From shrewd navigation software, AI-driven autonomous vehicles, laser radar to mixed reality training systems, today’s winners are a clear demonstration of industry rising to meet the complex challenges of modern warfare. The MOD, working with commercial partners, will see these pioneering technologies go from the drawing board to the battlefield.”


Work with the MOD

The MOD wants to encourage collaboration between large organisations and SMEs, making now an excellent time to look for defence opportunities through DCO.

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Be a cyber secure link in the MOD supply chain

Going into 2019, it is important for your business to assess the changes you need to make to become cyber secure.

Want to find out more about cyber security? Learn about the benefits of Cyber Essentials to MOD suppliers below.

Protecting the UK’s defence supply chain

This year the Ministry of Defence has continued to develop cyber security initiatives that aim to protect the UK’s defence supply chain.

During the Autumn Budget announcement, Chancellor of the Exchequer Philip Hammond announced that additional £1bn has been granted to the MOD to cover the remainder of 2018 and 2019, to “boost” the country’s cyber capabilities.


Global Threats

Attacks in recent years have made it ever more obvious that cyber threats to the supply chain are real, not just in the UK but globally.

In July 2018, the US’s National Counterintelligence and Security Center (NCSC) warned that:

“Software supply chain infiltration is one of the key threats that corporations need to pay attention to, particularly how software vulnerabilities are exploited”

Attackers are finding innovative ways to exploit computer networks, one being that they will hack into systems through technology providers that have privileged access – such as subcontractors or members of the supply chain.


Comply with Cyber Essentials

As the MOD’s supply chain is made up of a wide range of organisations, it must have strict conditions around supplier cyber security.

The MOD requires suppliers to have a Cyber Essentials certification by a contract start date (at the latest); the certification must also be renewed annually. This requirement must flow down the supply chain.

There are a number of suppliers that can help you get started with Cyber Essentials. However, if you would like to gain Cyber Essentials using Fast Track, this can be granted within 24 hours* with Cyber Essentials Online.

* Office hours are based on the UK working time 9am-5pm Monday-Thursday and 9am-2pm on Fridays. Fast Track applications made out with these times cannot be guaranteed for a 24 hour turnaround.

Defence Procurement Minister praises suppliers from Yorkshire during a visit to Huddersfield

defence minister - stuart andrew


Last week, Defence Procurement Minister Stuart Andrew visited Yorkshire to meet with a range of companies that are currently working with the MOD.

In 2017, UK defence spent £232m with companies in Yorkshire and the Humber which supported 1,800 jobs.


UK companies offer “incredible experience and expertise” to the defence sector

The Defence Minister met with many of the suppliers currently working on projects such as HMS Sheffield and those currently developing firefighting vehicles that will soon be based in Afghanistan.

During his Yorkshire visit, Mr Andrew praised the companies working with the MOD, noting that they “epitomise the incredible experience, expertise, and ingenuity” that the region has to offer. He said:

“The spirit of Yorkshire runs right through our nation’s defence with its prestigious military history and engineering prowess. From the design and integration of warship gearboxes to the provision of NATO fire vehicles, Huddersfield is a proud supplier to our Armed Forces.”


MOD backs start-up innovation

Mr Andrew believes that “the spirit of Yorkshire runs right through our nation’s defence.” While visiting the region the Minister also went to see the work which is currently happening at the University of Huddersfield’s 3M Buckley Innovation Centre (3M BIC).

The centre is currently home to dozens of pioneering companies that want to grow their business and collaborate with others that are promoting innovation in the UK.


Work with the MOD

The MOD is investing in innovative businesses across the UK and has chosen to work with many SMEs due to their expertise and unique skill set.

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MOD procurement opportunities outlined in the latest: “Doing business with defence”

doing business with defence


Over the next decade, the Ministry of Defence is committed to spending over £178Bn on equipment and support.

Learn more about the latest opportunities with MOD and Innovation in the Defence Supply Chain in the latest version of “Doing Business with Defence”.


MOD procurement activity

As one of the largest public procurement organisations in Europe, it is the MOD’s responsibility to ensure that UK security is protected.

The MOD works with suppliers from all over the world to fulfill the needs of its procurement activity. In the latest edition of “Doing Business with Defence” it states that:

“Defence has a major role to play in delivering the government’s growth and enterprise agenda – the MOD accounts for over 40% of all government spend with industry“

The organisation is responsible for many complex and technologically advanced projects, therefore it must work with businesses with unique expert capabilities when completing work in the following categories:

  • Technology: cloud and digital, network services, software, and technology products and services
  • Equipment & Support: ships, aircraft, vehicles, weapons, missiles (maintenance and repair)
  • Infrastructure: construction, hard and soft facilities management, property consultancy


Opportunities for Suppliers

The MOD wants to eliminate the challenges faced by SME businesses when looking for work with the defence sector.

The “Doing Business with Defence” brochure outlines areas of opportunity for suppliers that want to work with the defence sector – some that have already been included in the Defence Equipment Plan.

Download the Doing business with defence document.


Work with the MOD

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Defence Procurement Minister praises transatlantic partnership during a visit to Washington

Defence Procurement Minister Stuart Andrew met with the US Navy Under Secretary Thomas Modly and US Army Under Secretary Ryan McCarthy on 6 November to discuss how the two Armed Forces can collaborate further in the future.

US visit

While visiting Washington Mr Andrew addressed the Heritage Foundation think-tank.  During his presentation he highlighted the growing threats that both nations face and emphasised the need for the UK and US to collaborate and plan for the long term.

The Defence Procurement Minister said:

“Over the years, the deep UK-US alliance has endured through two World conflicts, the chill of the Cold War, and the continuing struggle against extremist terror. Today, our forces work highly effectively together across the globe – on land and sea, in the air, space, and cyberspace. We are stronger together.”

NATO defence spend

Back in August, Defence Secretary Gavin Williamson reaffirmed the importance of UK-US defence relations during an official engagement In Washington.

“Our two countries have developed the deepest, broadest and most advanced Defence relationship of any two nations. The United States has never had nor will have a more reliable ally than the United Kingdom. Others may pretend, but you will find no greater ally than us.”

Both the US and the UK play leading roles in NATO and have been calling for other nations to invest more in defence and security.

By 2019, eight NATO members will meet the commitment of spending 2% of their GDP on defence compared with just three in 2014. The UK defence budget currently sits at 2% of GDP at £40 billion.

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How to Win New Defence and Civil Business

win MOD contracts with DCO


Are you currently bidding for work with the Ministry of Defence and would like to improve your approach? DCO and DCI hold regular WebClinics that give defence suppliers an opportunity to interact with defence procurement experts and learn how to prosper in this lucrative marketplace.

The next event is Defence Contracts International’s WebClinic “How to Find and Win New Defence and Civil Business”, which will take place on 16 October.


Defence and security marketplace

UK defence and security organisations work with a range of suppliers. The MOD alone spends up to £20 billion on the procurement of goods and services with industry each year.

The Defence Equipment Plan has already set out what will be spent over the next decade, and security is one aspect of that.

During the How to Win New Defence and Civil Business webinar, a defence procurement expert will provide an overview of the wider defence and security marketplace. Attendees will also be given the opportunity to ask any questions they have about the marketplace at the end of the session.


Improving your approach

There are many ways you can improve your approach to finding MOD and other public sector contracts – this will also be covered during the session.

Whether you are new to procurement and need to sign up for free DCO contract alerts or want to engage earlier with defence buyers and are unsure how to – our defence expert will discuss a number of options that will improve your approach.


Free Registration

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Cyber Security Month: Is your business Cyber Essentials certified?

cyber essentials


Did you know that October is Cyber Security month?

This makes now the perfect time for your business to become cyber security compliant.

If you are a supplier to the defence sector, it is vital to have a cyber security solution in place as it is now a standard part of the procurement process and central to MOD supplier selection.


Cyber Security Model

The MOD and DCPP mandated that all MOD suppliers need to comply with the new Cyber Security Model in October 2017. This requires all bidding suppliers to hold a version of Cyber Essentials certification.


What level of certification is required?

It is important that you select the correct Cyber Essentials solution for your business. Every supplier is different and that is why there is a range of certification options to choose from. One of the available Cyber Essentials suppliers, DCI, offers the following options:


Cyber Essentials

  • Suitable for suppliers handling MOD contracts where the risk is “Very Low”
  • Support and advice offered throughout the application process
  • Includes Cyber Essentials branding which your business can use to promote its certification
  • 12 months’ certification upon successful application
  • No additional costs for retests or Gap Analysis


Cyber Essentials Fast Track

  • Get certified within 24 hours
  • Gain access to the online self-assessment questionnaire
  • Suitable for suppliers handling MOD contracts where the risk is “Very Low”
  • Support and advice offered throughout the application process
  • Includes Cyber Essentials branding which your business can use to promote its certification
  • 12 months’ certification upon successful application
  • No additional costs for retests or Gap Analysis


Cyber Essentials Plus

  • Required for MOD contracts where the risk is “Low”, “Moderate” or “High”
  • Includes advanced assessments
  • On-site assessment and vulnerability test
  • Gain access to the online self-assessment questionnaire
  • Support and advice offered throughout the application process
  • Includes Cyber Essentials branding which your business can use to promote its certification
  • 12 months’ certification upon successful application


Keep in mind that for all MOD contracts where the risk is classified as “Very Low”, “Low”, “Moderate” or “High” suppliers should either already have Cyber Essentials certification in place or be able to show they are working towards Cyber Essentials certification.

More information

For more information on Cyber Essentials, access the Procurement Policy Note 09/14: Cyber Essentials scheme certification or download the DCI Cyber Essentials Scheme Summary.







Making the most of your DCO Alert Profile

Is your business doing everything it can to win MOD contracts? Supplying to the defence market can be competitive; however, there are many things your business can do to improve its chances of winning.

Find out more below.

Contract Alerts

Setting up a contract alerts profile is one of the most basic things a defence supplier can do to find MOD contracts that are relevant to the products, services and solutions it provides.

Adding specific keywords to your supplier profile will ensure that your business receives relevant contract alerts. Refreshing these keywords and performing competitor analysis will only enhance your supplier profile; this should be done regularly to guarantee that your business is not missing out on any MOD or defence contracts that are a match.

Register for the MOD DCO WebClinic

Understanding the defence market is incredibly important when it comes to successfully bidding for tenders. It is recommended that defence suppliers keep up to date with the latest defence news on the DCO blog and during DCO webinar sessions.

The next event will be held on 2 October and will give guidance on how to “Create a Winning Alert Profile”. During this session, a defence expert will talk users through the following:

  • Choosing keywords and selecting CPV codes
  • Understanding MOD contracts
  • How to get the most and benefit fully from MOD DCO
  • Opportunities for your business in the wider defence and public sector marketplace


Register now for the next MOD DCO WebClinic.


DCO Helpdesk

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