Defence Standards

UK Defence Standardization (DStanTM) is the MOD’s centre for through-life standardization and its management across defence. It develops and pursues the MOD’s standardization policy, both nationally and internationally, with civil and military partners to support increased interoperability and more effective acquisition.

Standardisation Applications

  • JSP 920, Standardization Handbook
  • Through Life Standardization Management Support in all stages of the CADMID Cycle
  • Helpdesk – first-line support to standards users
    • Access to in-house advice
    • Distribution services
    • Standards Verification Service
  • DStan provides assistance and support to operating centres, project teams and industry outlining the principles of standardization management and the intelligent selection of standards relating to the order of preference mandated in the DSPCR 2011. DStan also offers support to project teams on standards management as they negotiate submissions to the Business Case Review Board and subsequently the DES Investment Approvals Board.
  • DStan manages the UK ratification of Materiel and Operational STANAGs in support of interoperability within NATO

Portfolio of Defence Standards

  • 900 extant Defence Standards are reviewed within their four-year cycle to deliver and support current and future MOD capabilities and meet MOD sponsor requirements
  • Managed by a team of Standardization Programme Managers, qualified engineers, who maintain and develop these standards supported by expert technical committees that include representatives from Academia, Science and Technology Gateway, UK Industry and the MOD

Standards Delivery

Standards Online which enables the user to access national and international standards and specifications from a single server

  • Assistance and support to MOD project teams on standardization management
  • Standards Online
  • Access to Regulation Works Tool
  • Identification of publication sources for a variety of standardization documentation
  • Electronic and hard copy versions of extant UK Defence Standards
  • Verification of standards in MOD contracts
  • Advice on the production of Defence Standards
  • DStan Websites: (free registration required) and

Contact details:
The Helpdesk
UK Defence Standardization
Room 1138
Kentigern House
65 Brown Street
T: +44 (0)141 224 2531/2532
F: +44 (0)141 224 2503
Web: registration required)
For MOD and Industry users on the RLI:

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