Doing Business with Defence - Opportunities and Innovation in the Defence Supply Chain

Opportunities and Innovation in the Defence Supply Chain. Helpful advice and information about supplying to the MOD can be found in the brochure, including information about MOD organisations, what we procure, and where to find contracting opportunities.

It is a great source of information for suppliers looking to do business with the MOD.

Doing business with Defence

If you are looking for more detailed information, including a directory of, prime contractors, Trade Associations and MOD teams, look here.

Alternatively if you would like a hard copy of the handbook, as well as a recent copy of Defence Contracts Bulletin you can request a Free MOD information pack here to be sent to you.

Learn how to make the most from the defence market.

With our free DCO webinars you can learn how to maximise your ability to win contracts with the MOD through our Defence Contracts Online portal. If you haven’t already registered for the MOD DCO supplier portal you can do so here.

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