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Quick Overview:

With the MOD Defence Contracts Bulletin magazine have the only official source of UK MOD contracts over £10,000 hit your desk every fortnight.

Published in association with MOD’s Defence Equipment and Support (DE&S) and the Defence Infrastructure Organisation (DIO), MOD DCB provides all the insider knowledge and expert analysis you need to grow within defence.

  • Keep up to speed with all things land, sea, air, and space with the latest in UK and international defence news
  • Access all UK MOD contracts above £10,000
  • Browse the MOD’s spending plans
  • Review the MOD’s ongoing and upcoming equipment projects
  • Plan ahead with future MOD requirements and be the first to know about important announcements and events

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MOD DCB is brought to you by the official publishers of MOD contracts over £10,000. Winner of the prestigious National Security and Resilience Consortium Magazine of the Year 2015, each edition is packed with contract opportunities, in-depth industry analysis and insider knowledge.

MOD DCB’s readership spans all industries, including defence, aerospace, security and specialist wings of the Armed Forces, along with official MOD personnel and decision makers.

Inside MOD DCB


MOD DCB is the only official paper source of MOD contracts valued at £10,000 or more.

As well as being able to pinpoint every relevant contract notice, subscribers can identify subcontracting leads and track their competitors with a full list of contract awards in every edition.


Every fortnight, MOD DCB contains exclusive analysis and insights from those at the forefront of defence; whether it’s how SMEs can succeed in the industry, the future of cyber security or innovative ways to engage buyers, DCB readers are always kept ahead of the game.


News & Announcements

To be successful in the defence industry it’s not enough to understand the current market drivers. You have to be aware of what the future markets might look like.

MOD DCB allows you to plan ahead by being the first to know about important UK MOD announcements and events.

Every edition also delivers the latest breaking news from both the UK and international markets. With years of experience behind them, our team of journalists and researchers are specialists in all things defence.

Themed Editions

The defence industry is ever-changing. Emerging markets, changes to legislation and new technology are changing the face of modern defence time and time again.

To help our readers stay ahead of the game and take full advantage of the lucrative defence market, we regularly produce themed editions of MOD DCB. These specials provide insight, indepth analysis and detailed commentary on a specific area defence.

Recent and upcoming themed editions include:

  • New Technology & Defence
  • The Aerospace Supply Chain
  • Naval Procurement
  • A Strategic Defence Review
  • Manufacturing & Electronics
  • Land Equipment

Subscribing to MOD DCB Magazine

MOD DCB’s striking editorial and easy-reading style will make it a staple in your business development resources.

Companies of all sizes use MOD DCB to inform their business decisions, discover real leads and take advantage of the market intelligence they need to stay competitive.

To join them, simply register FREE on the MOD DCO website and visit the Upgrade pages within the logged-in Supplier Activity Centre to find out more about MOD DCB magazine and subscribe.

Annual subscription to MOD DCB costs just £325. Please note that we are not currently able to fulfill requests for DCB subscriptions.