New rates of war pensions released by the government

The government has outlined its rates for war pensions and allowances from April 2019 in a new document.

The new document details the annual rise in war pensions, allowances, and payments for injury. The changes will be enforced from April 8, 2019, and take into account data from 2018.

The document covers:

  • Age allowance from 65 yrs
  • Gratuities for minor injuries
  • Supplementary allowances
  • Disablement/Civilian cases
  • Widow/Widower allowances
  • Widow/Widower pensions
  • Miscellaneous allowances
  • Disablement pensions
  • Loss of earnings allowance
  • Social security benefit
  • Allowance for children
  • Disability living allowance.

Recent figures released by the MOD indicated a higher rate of employment in ex-personnel. In 2017/2018 employment increased from 79% to 83%, catching up with the general population.

Tobias Ellwood, Minister for Defence People and Veterans, said: “It’s fantastic to see service leavers putting their skills to use in the civilian workplace, and I urge all employers to tap into this exceptional pool of talent.”

A 2% salary increase for British personnel was announced in July 2018 after recommendations from the Armed Forces Pay Review Body (AFPRB). It was the biggest pay increase since 2010 after austerity policies were imposed by the Conservative-led coalition.

At the time, Defence Secretary Gavin Williamson said: “The Government is committed to world-class public services and ensuring that public sector workers

Ex-service personnel can access information on pay and pensions through the Career Transitions Partnership (CTP) as well as a helpline. The CPT also offers advice on housing and pensions, managing finances, and emigrating abroad.

The new figures have been adjusted according to recent payment data. The data is available to view on the MOD announcements website.

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