Notification of P2P System Downtime and the Introduction of the Contracting Purchasing & Finance System

The Ministry of Defence (MOD) is delivering a new fully online, end to end Procurement System, which will form the basis of a much improved platform for improved supplier interaction with the department.  The new system is called Contracting, Purchasing and Finance (CP&F).  This system will replace the current P2P system.

How Will This Affect You

Every effort is being made by the MOD to minimise the impact on suppliers and ensure we meet our contractual and legal obligations.  However in order to migrate the data from P2P to CP&F there will be a period of system downtime.  This will commence at 18:00 on the 30th September 2016. The new system is expected to be on line by 20th October.  During this period of system unavailability the MOD will not be processing any orders or invoices; however goods and services can still be delivered in accordance with contractual arrangements.

This will affect Suppliers transacting via Exostar and those transacting with paper (AG173, MOD640 etc).  Any transactions submitted during the down time will be held and processed on the new system when it is brought in line.

To minimise the impact on you, your MOD Commercial Officer has been advised to seek opportunities to ensure the implications of the system unavailability are minimised wherever possible. You are encouraged to make contact with your MOD Commercial Officer to discuss your particular circumstances and any activities that could be undertaken to ensure effective management of your contract during this period.

What Happens After Go-Live

The MOD will endeavour to process the backlog of orders and receipts once CP&F goes live as quickly as possible. However some minor disruption for up to 2 weeks post Go-Live can be expected.

The MOD will continue to transact with suppliers in the same way after this system migration as it does now: Exostar and Defence Contracts Online will continue to be used as they are today. There is no change for paper based transactions (AG173, MOD640 etc).

Supplier support and guidance will be transferred at Go-Live from Capgemini (who currently manage P2P for MOD); to MOD Defence Business Services (DBS) who will provide a single point of contact for Suppliers for all queries relating to transactions or system issues.

Further Information

The following websites will be updated regularly with the latest information about the programme and system availability:

Should you have any questions about managing your contract during the planned system downtime, please engage with your MOD Commercial Officer directly

Following CP&F Go-Live the DBS Enquiry Centre can be contacted between 8am and 5pm, Monday to Friday on +44 (0)151 242 2000 or via email on

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