Stakeholder event

Stakeholder Event ahead of the forthcoming tender for the disposal of vehicles and vehicles spares

20 September 2016

MOD Bicester- UK

Event managed by

MOD Disposal Services Authority (DSA)

Email request to attend or request further details to:

Pre-registration (no later than 17.00, 16th September 2016) is essential – to access the site.

Date, time and location

10.00 to 13.00 Tuesday 20th September 2016

Bldg D3, D Site,

MOD Bicester

OX25 2LD.

Attendees will also be offered an individual follow-up meeting on either 26th September 2016 or 29th September 2016 to raise any specific questions or make observations about the DSAs approach to managing the tender process.

These follow-up meetings will be held in Building H9, site H, Lower Arncott, Bicester, OX25 2LD.

Event description

The DSA will shortly be issuing a tender (published in OJEU) for the disposal of vehicles and vehicles spares.

The purpose of the stakeholder day is:

  • To advise potential bidders of technical requirements – the scope and scale of requirements, vehicle types, indicative historical numbers and processes that are used to identify and manage vehicles for disposal.
  • To advise potential bidders of the tender process and indicative timescales.
  • To engage with a range of potential bidders to understand the business models employed across the disposals industry for sale, refurbishment and marketing of assets, to inform the Authority’s approach to market for the contract.


The stakeholder event forms no part of the tender evaluation process, and no element of the day is in any way ‘assessed’. It is not necessary to attend the event to participate in the tender process and all presentations and other materials provided on the day will be made available to all organisations at commencement of the tender process, along with written copies of questions and answers that arise on the day.


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