Armed forces to receive larger combat compensation

Defence Secretary Sir Michael Fallon has announced that members of the Armed Forces and their families are set to receive larger compensation for injuries or death sustained in combat.

A consultation has been launched by the Ministry of Defence on proposals to provide better compensation in future combat situations.

The consultation will seek opinions on matters such as the definition of combat and how the operation of the new scheme.

The MOD will study the outcomes of the consultation closely, with the intention of implementing the scheme as soon as possible.

The current no-fault Armed Forces Compensation Scheme (AFCS) provides payments to individuals who suffer injuries or illness as a result of their service, or to their families in the case of those who died. Where personnel or families believe the MOD has been negligent, they may choose to go through the courts to seek additional compensation.

The proposed change will see individuals or their families awarded equal or greater levels of compensation than those paid out in legal cases for injury or death in combat.

Defence Secretary Sir Michael Fallon said: “Our Armed Forces put their lives on the line to keep us safe. This new scheme will mean more generous payments to anyone injured – or the families of those who are killed – in combat.

“By making these changes we will put more money into compensation and remove the stress of lengthy legal action.”

Chief of the Defence Staff, Sir Stuart Peach, welcomed the new scheme. He said: “Clarifying combat immunity and offering better compensation will remove the need for legal action and the courts will no longer have to second guess military decisions. This will allow our Armed Forces to do their job knowing they, or their families, won’t have to go to court for compensation in the case of injury or death in combat.”

Sir Stuart encouraged members of the Armed Forces to take part n the consultation so that their views can be taken into account as the scheme is developed.

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