Common Support Model (Land) – Briefing Note

The Common Support Model (Land) programme has been jointly initiated by Director Support in Army HQ (Maj Gen Gaunt) and Director Land Equipment in DE&S (Maj Gen McClean) with the high-level intent of making clear ‘who does what and how’ across the support landscape (for land vehicles and weapon systems). In simple terms, the CSM(L) aims to codify the roles, responsibilities, and authorities of those involved in the ‘support’ business across the Army, DE&S and industry landscape. The programme will bring focus to what really matters across the support enterprise and will recommend immediate and longer-term change in an integrated and coherent manner. It will be fully aligned to the Defence Support Network (Transformation) Defence Support Operating Model and the DE&S Common Support Framework.

Director Support and Director Land Equipment joint vision for CSM(L) – “The Common Support Model (Land) will be an integrated, useable and clearly articulated operating model for Land platforms that will improve support across the operator-industry spectrum while delivering better VfM through life.”

A team has been appointed to conduct this work that will comprise of military, civil servants and contractors and will be led by Col Ian Gibson in the Army HQ and Col (for Brig) Anna-Lee Reilly in the DE&S. This team is energised to make rapid progress and will need to engage with a wide range of stakeholders to understand how we currently do business, capture it properly and then make recommendations for how to do it better.

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