Procurement Training

DCO and the Procurement training Advice and Support Service (PASS)

Procurement is a complex and time consuming process, where success is the ultimate aim. Maximising your chances of winning contracts is essential and having up to date knowledge of the regulations is critical.

DCO’s official training partner is the Procurement Advice and Support Service (PASS), who, with over 30 years experience in public procurement, can help you to develop your business and improve your chances of winning contracts, with a range of services.

PASS Training

PASS provides a range of training events specifically tailored to suit suppliers and assist them through the procurement journey, taking into account all skill levels, from new starts to skilled bidders.

PASS training events are delivered interactively to ensure that delegates not only learn the rules but gain practical tips and a basic legal understanding of the reasoning behind many of the rules and regulations that the public sector apply, as well as providing delegates with useful handouts and relevant case studies that can be taken away and used practically in the future.

PASS supplier events take place across the UK throughout the year.

PASS In-House Training

DCO subscribers receive a 20% discount on all PASS training events.

PASS In-House Training

All PASS training events can be delivered in-house at a time and location to suit you and your personnel, however, if your need is different, then PASS can work with you to customise a course.

Whatever your public procurement knowledge requirements, PASS can develop and present expert training and events specifically focused on your precise needs when and where you wish.

We will be happy to discuss your requirements on a confidential, without-commitment basis (the earlier you get involved, the better the outcome) and, if you wish, provide you with a no-obligation fully costed proposal.

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PASS Consultancy

PASS provides the expert consultancy that will help you to quickly identify and address reasons why your company is not winning the amount of new business that it could when tendering for public sector contracts.

The PASS Bid options offer a range of different consultancy-based packages to help you with your tendering programme.

Bid Prepare – Designed to assist any company that is either new to public procurement or which simply wants a thorough review of their processes

Bid Review – Detailed analysis of past submissions and supporting documentation to evaluate your capacity to create successful and compliant bids

Bid Support – Offers you real time support of an experienced PASS consultant during your tender exercise

Bid Challenge – Designed to support companies which are concerned with the outcome of a tender exercise, and believe that there may be grounds to challenge the decision

Bid Bespoke – For any other consultancy needs you may have, PASS will be happy to discuss your needs and help you to ensure you deliver the outcomes you seek

Contact us today to discuss your requirements on a confidential, without-commitment basis and, if you wish, provide you with a no-obligation fully costed proposal.

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