Contracting, Purchasing and Finance

The CP&F programme is about the provision of an end to end eProcurement system and associated business processes which span the commercial, purchasing and financial accounting functions for the department. As an extension to this it includes the provision of more complete, reliable and accurate management information.

The MOD have created a new demand capture and contract management capability for each aspect of the procurement process, this is not only a commercial based tool; it is for the entirety of MOD. From the person with the requirement for goods or services that records it on CP&F right at the beginning to kick-start early planning, through finance officers giving approval on CP&F.


The processes of Demand Capture and Contract Management into CP&F, delivers;


  • More Effective Planning

Captures the necessary details to begin formulation of a new Contract, which will also feed into a centralised Forward Contract Workplan.


  • Collaborative Working

Building the T&C’s to create the tender document with an online “collaboration team” made up of various functional stakeholders.


  • Monitor Contract Performance and Management

Contract stakeholders manage the finalised Contract including KPI’s and deliverables.


For supplier guidance and support contact details please visit the guidance for suppliers’ websites.

For supplier guidance and support contact details please visit the guidance for suppliers’ websites.

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