Contracting, Purchasing and Finance

The MOD has developed a replacement system for its procurement tools. The CP&F system will provide a single end to end capability by providing significant change opportunities for the MOD and suppliers in terms of improved contract visibility. It will enable a more efficient, effective and reliable process as well as providing timely management information.

MOD has taken a significant step forward in modernising its procurement systems by switching on the purchasing and finance elements of the Contracting, Purchasing and Finance system (CP&F) in December 2016 and retiring both P2P and DFMS systems. The ultimate goal is to provide a single end to end capability, replacing paper processes and conducting all procurement action electronically.

The MOD have created a new demand capture and contract management capability for each aspect of the procurement process, this is not a commercial based tool; it is for the entirety of MOD. From the person with the requirement for goods or services that records it on CP&F right at the beginning to kick-start early planning, through finance officers giving approval on CP&F to commercial officers using CP&F instead of ASPECT.

The processes of Demand Capture and Contract Management into CP&F, delivers;

  • More Effective Planning

Captures the necessary details to begin formulation of a new Contract, which will also feed into a centralised Forward Contract Workplan.

  • Collaborative Working

Building the T&C’s to create the tender document with an online “collaboration team” made up of various functional stakeholders.

  • Monitor Contract Performance and Management

Contract stakeholders manage the finalised Contract including KPI’s and deliverables.

The new system delivered significant benefits for MOD and its supplier base by implementing a standard set of processes underpinned by timely, reliable management information on all contracts and spend.

For supplier guidance and support contact details please visit the guidance for suppliers’ websites.

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