MOD: ‘Formidable’ UK defence to create opportunities

mod_signThe MOD has said that the UK’s defence forces are ‘formidable’ and that cuts to budgets have not affected military standards or capabilities, predicting new opportunities for those eager to grow their business in the defence industry.

£160bn defence equipment spend

In its statement, the MOD said: “Over the next decade, we plan to spend £160bn on equipment, to ensure our armed forces retain their formidable range of cutting-edge capabilities and ability to project power across the globe, including by maintaining our major naval presence in the Gulf Region.

“Construction of the first new aircraft carrier, the largest ship the Royal Navy has ever operated, is almost complete and the navy will also operate state-of-the-art Type 45 destroyers, new Type-26 Frigates, and seven new Astute Class submarines.”

Former Defence Secretary Liam Fox said that Britain was “one of only four or five countries inside NATO” to meet the target of spending 2% of GDP on defence.

He added that while America is the world’s biggest economy with the world’s biggest defence budget, the UK is currently the world’s eighth biggest economy with the fourth biggest defence budget, calming fears that standards had slipped.

UK defence capability

The statements from the MOD and Liam Fox come after former US defence secretary Robert Gates claimed that cuts to the UK’s armed forces will limit the country’s ability to be a major player on the world stage.

Speaking on the UK’s defence budgets recently, former US defence secretary Robert Gates had suggested that the squeezed budgets would limit UK defence capability and would mean that the UK could no longer be considered a full military partner with the US.

Mr Gates said: “With the fairly substantial reductions in defence spending in Great Britain, what we’re finding is that it won’t have full spectrum capabilities and the ability to be a full partner as they have been in the past.”

The statement comes a month after the UK’s top military officer said that the cuts meant that the military had the right equipment but not the personnel to operate it.

General Sir Nick Houghton, Chief of the Defence Staff, said the structure of the army, navy and air force were “critically deficient” in crucial areas, particularly in terms of manpower.

Under the government’s plans, by 2020 the Army will lose 20,000 personnel, the Royal Navy 6000 and the RAF 5000.

battleshipCuts to budgets have also affected the Navy’s capabilities. At present the UK has no operation aircraft carrier, and just weeks ago the Navy scrambled to respond to a Russian ship entering Scottish waters. A lack of ships based in Scotland due to defence cuts meant that the closest warship, HMS Defender, took 24 hours to reach the ship after sailing from Portsmouth.

Finding defence opportunities

With budgets under scrutiny, organisations looking to do business with the MOD and other public sector bodies have to make sure they gain full visibility of all the opportunities available to them.

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Welcome to MOD DCO Free Webinars: A new way to win more business with DCO!

tick_stxA6D9We are delighted to launch a new programme of DCO webinars designed to help you win more business with MOD DCO. We kicked off our new webinar schedule on Wednesday 30 October, and with an outstanding response from DCO free registrants eager to optimise their use of DCO our first webinar was fully booked!

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Webinar attendees were then given the chance to ask their questions and have them answered by our experts; some of these questions are detailed below.

Q: How does DCO differ from the Government’s Contracts Finder website?

A: MOD DCO is the only official source of MOD contract opportunities. MOD commercial staff create, submit and advertise their relevant tender and contract notices valued at £10,000 and above on the MOD DCO portal, therefore DCO is the first and only official publisher of MOD contract opportunities over £10,000.

Q: In the awarding authority option box what is the word or phrase that should be used to receive only MOD contracts?

A: MOD DCO is designed to help you optimise your business, therefore during your search you may see examples of contracts that are suitable for your business outside the MOD. However, if you only wish to view MOD contract opportunities then within the awarding authority option box enter: “MOD”, “DE&S” and “defence”.

Q: If you have a question about a contract on offer, who do you contact – the company offering the tender directly or DCO?

A: If you have any questions regarding a contract on offer then please speak to the awarding authority detailed on the contract. However, our defence contract sourcing experts are on hand if you require any assistance – email:

Q: What is the difference between MOD DCO and the Defence Contracts International portal?

A: MOD DCO provides you with access to all MOD contract opportunities over £10,000. However, Defence Contracts International (DCI) provides you with all the content available on DCO PLUS access to further defence and security industry contracts including the aerospace, aviation, counter terrorism, emergency services, homeland security and humanitarian aid sectors in the UK, Europe and Globally.

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Train your way to success in defence

PASSlogo_newsletterSummary: Alison Campbell from Defence Contracts International looks at a new partnership between MOD Defence Contracts Online and the Procurement Advice and Support Service (PASS) to help develop deeper understanding of the issues facing suppliers looking to win business in the defence industry.

‘Knowledge is power’ is an old adage, but it can be especially true than when it comes to winning business in the defence marketplace. Whether it’s gaining early competitive advantage from knowing a sought-after MOD tender is coming up for renewal or simply knowing those little secrets that could help you pick up some extra points in your PPQ and push you through to the next tendering stage, no matter what you supply a little extra know-how can go a long way and mean all the difference between you and your competitors.

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Start by registering your business with the MOD’s official defence contract opportunities portal: MOD Defence Contracts Online (MOD DCO).MOD DCO delivers bespoke daily emails to around 20,000 businesses alerting them to MOD contract opportunities tailored to their business, while also keeping subscribers up to date with the latest MOD and defence procurement news. What’s more, MOD DCO is completely free – an essential service for any aspiring defence supplier looking to make their entrance into the defence market.

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The defence market does not end with the MOD

business_7557451XSmlSummary: Alison Campbell from Defence Contracts International (DCI) looks at the defence opportunities available to businesses beyond the UK Ministry of Defence.

The UK Ministry of Defence represents a huge market opportunity for any business – not just the big main players. From computers to catering, boots to batteries and sportswear to satellites, the MOD requires the services of businesses of all shapes and sizes.

However, the defence market does not end with the MOD. If your business can sell to the MOD, just think of the opportunities available to you throughout the entire defence industry, both in the UK and worldwide. Not only does the defence industry embrace the aerospace, aviation, counter terrorism, emergency services, homeland security and humanitarian aid sectors, but you could also sell to almost any defence ministry in the world as well as the UN and NATO. The opportunities are endless.

As a supplier you are situated in a very competitive environment so don’t limit yourself, branch out within the defence industry, geographically and to non-defence buyers. It’s the organisation that can supply its products and services across the marketplace that can and will place itself one step ahead of its competitors.

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If you are currently selling to the UK MOD there is no reason why you could not and should not be selling to any of the sectors above, from the UK to Europe to worldwide. The world really is your oyster as a defence supplier.

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