Royal Air Force Business Modernisation

The Royal Air Force has established a Programme to identify opportunities across the RAF to improve and modernise our structures, systems and processes in order to enhance our ability to generate Air Power outputs within the resources available.

The Programme Team is looking critically at how our UK RAF Stations operate, examining the roles of military and civilian colleagues and, to some extent, how we work with contractors; with a particular emphasis on opportunities for innovation, business modernisation and digitisation.

Some of the Options developed by the Programme Team and taken forward for the consideration by the RAF Senior Commanders are expected to include opportunities for Industry providers.

To help shape our thinking in this area, companies of all types and sizes are invited to submit proposals and ideas.  In particular, the Team would be interested in:

  • Innovative solutions to service delivery at RAF Stations;
  • What you can offer by way of services and/or products;
  • Your company experience in service/product delivery;
  • Your experiences of similar transformation (with brief case studies); and
  • Contacts you have within Industry you can direct us to for benchmarking.


After reviewing submissions, the Programme Team may invite companies to 1:1 meetings to clarify or elaborate on their proposals.

This is a great opportunity to contribute to a positive transformation of the way the RAF operates; removing waste, improving efficiency, and exploiting modern technology and innovation.


  • Proposals are to be submitted by 9 March 2018;
  • At this stage the Programme Team are looking for concise overviews of your ideas and proposal, genuine ideas for the transformation of the RAF (not generic marketing material), which are consequently to be limited to 2,000 words per company;
  • Companies should not presume that the submission of a proposal will necessarily result in an invitation to a 1:1 meeting with the Programme Team;
  • It should not be construed or inferred from this invitation or the submission of any proposal that it will result in any commitment by or order from the Authority;
  • The Programme Team reserves the right to use and adapt the information submitted without any further reference to the company which provided the information; unless the company identifies a specific element which is commercially sensitive, which may then be subject to further discussion.


The point of contact for all queries and submissions is:


Anna Gibbs

SSP Commercial


ASTi to deliver T4/SERA for RAF helicopter training programme

Advanced Simulation Technology Inc (ASTi) is to deliver equipment to be installed on a suite of full-fidelity CH-47 Mk6 Chinook helicopter weapons system trainers for the Royal Air Force.

ASTi Telestra 4 and Simulated Environment for Realistic ATC (SERA) systems will equip two flight-deck trainers and one cabin trainer with critical audio and communications capabilities. These trainers can operate in standalone or integrated modes.

ASTi’s SERA system generates artificially intelligent (AI) entities representing air traffic controllers, other aircraft and pilots who all communicate in the same simulation. Using SERA’s advanced speech recognition, pilot trainees can interact with AI controllers through all phases of flight training. This technology can replicate regional accents and eliminates the need for additional staff role players. The result is a truly immersive and fully automated ATC and external radio environment for enhanced aircrew training.

Telestra 4 operates seamlessly with SERA, providing a comprehensive communications environment and high-fidelity aural cue sound model for the CH-47. In addition to eight radios, the Telestra 4 system includes full military navigational aids, missile warning systems and more. The sound model for the Chinook accommodates a wide variety of audio-sound effects. These effects include harmonics for multiple drive shafts and transmissions unique to the tandem rotor helicopter.