CORTISONE Discovery Day 4 – Enterprise Master Patient Index, 23 October 2018

Date:               23 October 2018 (extending to 24 October 2018, if needed)

Times:             To be agreed with attendees

Venue:             London, EC1A

Following on from the CORTISONE Industry Day on 17 May at Tech UK in London, Discovery Days 1 (Primary Healthcare) and 2 (Dental Healthcare) at DMS Whittington, Lichfield on 30-31 July and Discovery Day 3 (Integration Platforms) on 1 October, the programme wishes to invite potential suppliers to present information on services and demonstrate products to relevant technical and business staff from the CORTISONE programme.

These Discovery Days are intended to inform and validate the CORTISONE ecosystem design and to refine the CORTISONE requirements. Note that beyond seeking technical clarifications or explanations of functionality attendees will not be able to enter into dialogue about the requirements as part of a Discovery Day.

Discovery Day 4 on 23 October 2018, extending to 24 October 2018 if needed, will focus on Enterprise Master Patient Index (EMPI) products. Further Discovery Days, if required, will be announced later.

For Discovery Day 4, we are only interested in products (and related services) for which suppliers can provide a reference site where they have integrated with core national demographic systems (e.g. Community Health Index, Personal Demographics Service) from either NHS England, Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland. This includes having gone through (or currently going through) a level of solutions assurance with NHS Digital Solutions Assurance or an equivalent in the other UK nations.

The EMPI demonstrations should include, but are not limited to, the following functional areas:

  • Record linkage (golden record) using various algorithms for matching, e.g. probabilistic and deterministic
  • Data stewardship with user interface for (un)matching of records, automatic (un)matching thresholds, identification of duplicate records
  • Support for IHE (Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise) profiles, such as PIX (Patient Identifier Cross-Reference) and PDQ (Patient Demographics Query), and for other native APIs
  • Extensibility and flexibility, e.g. multiple addresses, custom tables
  • Architecture: performance, high availability, cloud support, typical infrastructure requirements
  • Additional features/modules, e.g. visualisation, analytics, workflow

Suppliers are also invited to talk about: partners in the Integration space; integration with Integration Platforms (particularly using healthcare standards such as PIX and PDQ); and reference sites in the UK.

Suppliers able to demonstrate potentially suitable products are invited to request a place on the day by sending an email stating the products they intend to demonstrate and that they meet the criteria described above to: no later than 10:00 on 8 October 2018. Further information will be supplied to confirmed attendees.

Responding to this announcement is voluntary and does not start the official procurement process for the CORTISONE requirement. Participation in the Discovery Days does not guarantee, or jeopardise, your inclusion in a future procurement exercise. It should be noted that all information released in relation to the Discovery Days is released on a without commitment basis, is subject to change and may not form part of any future procurement process.

No down-selection will take place as a consequence of any responses or interactions relating to the Discovery Days. Additionally, no information provided in response to this announcement or in relation to the Discovery Days will be used in any way for the purpose of evaluating suppliers or their products in any future procurement process.

What is Programme CORTISONE?

The aim of Programme CORTISONE is to deliver an integrated ecosystem of medical information services to the Defence Medical Services. Its vision is to deliver ‘a sustainable, integrated, cohesive and enduring information capability that will fully and effectively support the delivery of evidence-based medical and dental health and healthcare outputs, to achieve the Aim of the Defence Medical Services (DMS)’ – which is to Promote, Protect and Restore the health of the Defence population in order to maximise their fitness for role, while maintaining an occupational focus and an operational edge.

A multi-million-pound programme, with global reach and operations equivalent in size to two large CCGs (Clinical Commissioning Groups) and a Community Trust, CORTISONE looks to procure a full suite of healthcare software from multiple healthcare product/service suppliers, together with develop and deliver services. It is anticipated that elements of the ecosystem will be re-competed on a regular basis to ensure the best solutions are being delivered to users, giving an ongoing opportunity for market players to get involved with the ecosystem on a long-term basis.

The MoD is looking for a range of companies to engage with the programme, delivering a full-suite of healthcare software to meet use-cases and patient-journey-defined functional requirements. With the modular nature of the procurement allowing innovation, all suppliers are encouraged to take a leading role in delivery of functionality.

CORTISONE is also looking to the future and will exploit innovation to align with NHS strategy, virtualise healthcare and integrate with services across the healthcare sector. This might include telemedicine, patient record integration with the NHS and other patient databases, patient condition tracking etc.