Defence Academy, Business Skills College Academic Provider – Market Engagement Day, 17 October 2018

Date: 17 October 2018

Venue: Defence Academy of the United Kingdom.

The purpose of this notice is to inform Academia of the Business Skills College, Market Engagement Day which the Business Skills College will host at the Defence Academy of the United Kingdom on 17 October 2018.  The Business Skills College is interested in seeking Potential Suppliers’ views on the provision of a new academic capability model requirement set and on how this might best be met. The Market Engagement Day will provide Potential Suppliers with background and detail behind the requirement and give them the opportunity to ask questions, network & engage with other Potential Suppliers and supporting services as well as to further inform the Authority’s thinking.


The Business Skills College is part of the Defence Academy and provides business acumen training and education for personnel across the Defence Enterprise (Royal Navy, Army, Royal Air Force, Civil Servants) and for its wider Defence and Industry partners.

The Business Skills College portfolio of courses spans a range of specified business acumen disciplines that include commercial, financial, project delivery, capability and acquisition interventions, as well as supporting disciplines such as quality, safety and environmental awareness.  It may also include the requirement for delivery of leadership courses internationally.  A range of these are post-graduate level interventions leading to PG Cert, PG Dip, and MSc / MBA awards.

The Business Skills College is developing a requirement set for a Supplier to work collaboratively with Business Skills College staff to provide an educational capability in support of its outputs.  Key to this will be innovative and blended learning solutions with flexible exit points, across the range of specified business acumen disciplines

This will be achieved through a collaborative and innovative approach which will enable and future proof the design, development and delivery of outputs to meet the emerging and future needs of Defence.  It will create a portfolio of function specific and cross-cutting learning interventions and modules that will meet Business as Usual needs, whilst ensuring that the outputs can be easily aligned to meet any emerging needs from the wider Defence Education Pathway (DEP) work being undertaken.

A Market Engagement Day to set out the scope of the requirement will be held on Wednesday 17 October at Beckett House, The Defence Academy of the United Kingdom, SHRIVENHAM, SN6 8LA.  Sat Nav postcode SN6 8LA. Please arrive by 10:00 to register.

It should be noted that in the instance of significant interest in this requirement it may be necessary to restrict attendees per supplier to 1 or 2 representatives only. Therefore, please ensure that the most appropriate representatives from your organisation are put forward to attend the event.

Specific Details of the Event 

The day will involve presentations from the Authority, attendee group exercises to workshop approaches to market in order to inform options available to the Defence Academy. These activities will in part contribute to a report on business model concept viability. The Authority is considering various commercial and business approaches to deliver the requirement and would welcome Potential Suppliers’ feedback.

Outputs from the industry day will be made available to all Potential Suppliers who registered an interest and / or attended the Market Engagement Day. There will be further opportunity for Potential Suppliers’ to comment/provide feedback prior to release of the outputs from the Market Engagement Day event.

To guarantee openness and transparency all outputs /reports associated with the market engagement day will be provided as part of a prospective tender documentation pack, at the point when the Authority formally takes the requirement to market. Therefore no technical, financial, or commercially sensitive information should be included in potential Supplier’s submissions/feedback from the Market Engagement Day. 

Event Registration 

Potential Suppliers wishing to register their interest in attending and participating in the market engagement day, should express their interest to the Contracting Authority in writing by no later than 12:00 hours on 10th October 2018 to both Sarah Allko ( and Ella Houghton ( An invitation letter will then be issued to the potential Supplier for registration purposes.

In issuing this Announcement and engaging with industry and academic institutions, the Authority is not committing to carry out any procurement in relation to the requirements stated in this announcement.

This announcement has been issued by the Authority for the purpose of seeking views from Potential Suppliers’ that wish to attend the Industry Engagement Day and take part in a soft market testing in relation to the requirement described above.

Potential Suppliers’ who do not attend the market engagement day will not be precluded from expressing an interest in the requirement at a future date.

In order to complete the necessary security & domestic arrangements all Potential Suppliers’ interested in attending the day must have registered their interest by 12:00 hours on 10th October and completed the attendance return annex issued with the invitation letter by 12:00 hours on 11 October 2018

MOD will not be liable to reimburse any costs incurred by any parties who respond to this notice or register any interest via the Contracting Authority.